Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka fanservice review episode 12


Fighting the final boss with your mom.


As expected much like the other boss battles this one has very little service for the final episode. On the bright side though the episode does setup up a possible continuation should they want to do more after the ova.

Everyone is rushing to the top of the tower to stop Amante before she is able to make her wish. As they reach a large room they run through it only to all get teleported away.

Too bad half the Mamako clones weren’t futas and the other half not and they had one giant orgy to confuse Masato instead as he sees Mamako fucking Mamako. Monster girl quest logic has taught me that if in such a situation I would simply surrender and take my pants off and await the multiple milf gang reverse rape. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

When Masato appears in a new area he notices everyone is missing and they were all teleported away from each other and need to meet up again like what happens in dungeons in rpgs. While looking around he finds Mamako who asks him to follow her down a hallway. When he sees it is a dead end he gets suspicious and throws a rock setting off the trap which was supposed to capture him. He then sees another Mamako as well and realizes they are all traps to try and catch him as he starts running from them before seeing a large group of clone Mamakos are chasing him.

Now you know that isn’t true and they are making Porta say that in order to avoid letting us see best girl ahead of time. Annoying because Porta’s mom doesn’t appear till later and so the only way we will see her animated is if they do a season 2. Would had been a good way to promote a season 2 by having Porta’s mom shown to the audience when she thinks about what happened even if she still lies to the others about not having to face mom clones like everyone else. What better way to say “buy this so we get a season 2 and reach her” then by showing Porta’s glasses wearing succubus demon mom.

The real Mamako shows up and saves him from the clones as they escape. The others then rejoin up with them with Wise and Medhi telling them how they had to deal with multiple clones of their mothers as well while Porta lies and says she didn’t have any problems because season 2 bait is needed. They hear an explosion above them and rush to the highest floor of the tower.

Getting to the top floor they see that Amante has already killed the final boss but the door to the top is still locked as she is trying to break it open. After she sees them she stops trying to open the door and decides to attack them instead. She goes after Masato first due to him being the most worthless and then goes for Mamako while Wise uses magic against her first but the magic reflects back knocking everyone away as Masato realizes something is strange about Amante.

Medhi tries to use her instant death attack on Amante but it is reflected back and since Wise and Medhi don’t have armor protecting against it they are killed as Porta runs to revive them. Amante tells them that she has the ability to reflect magic back so nothing they do can hurt her (so what would happen if Diablo from last year’s isekai fought her since he can do the same thing).

Mamako says she will fight Amante now instead as Masato stops her telling her she can’t because of the reflect spell. Wise and Medhi after being revived try to attack Amante again using different methods. Wise trys her own reflection spell only to have her reflection destroyed by Amante’s magic. Medhi tries to attack her physically but still gets blocked as well and hit back. Amante then gets ready to attack Mamako and tries to convince Masato to hate her like she does.

Masato stops her from attacking Mamako and and gives a speech about mothers and the adventures he has had with Mamako so far and how it made him happy and he won’t listen to what she says. Mamako thanks him and asks to let her handle the rest. Masato lets her but then tries to stop her after realizing that she is going to be the hero again and not him as Wise and Medhi stop him from interfering.

Mamako uses a new attack she learned that counts as scolding instead of an actual attack which means Amante can’t reflect it. After the blast Amante knows she can’t win so she turns to run to the top of the tower to make her wish since Mamako’s attack blew open the door and now she can reach the top floor as the others chase after her.

As Amante is about to make her wish to make all mothers disappear the others arrive and try to think up a wish instead to ruin it. The only thing Masato can think of is what Wise told him about in a previous episode about how Mamako would ruin the wish by asking for eggs and so he does the same thing causing the wish to be granted. After they are given the eggs the tablet goes away and Amante is unable to make her wish as she runs off to escape. After escaping Amante mentions getting help from the others in the group she belongs to and will be back to stop them in the future with help.

The next day while everyone is eating the eggs they got from the quest they are shown a crystal by Shirase. She tells them it was the same thing that Wise and Medhi’s moms had and was also what Amante was using also and now that they have one without it being damaged she can investigate it more. She tells them that Amante belongs to a rebel group with it’s members referred to as the four fiends with Amante being one of them which means there are still 3 more left out there somewhere (guess we are doing the lufia 2 thing in which the person thought to be the main villain is beat only to find out they were really the weakest of a group of four and still have three stronger ones to fight). So she gives everyone a new quest telling them to hunt down the other 3 members of this group and stop them before they cause issues as well.

After seeing a statue was built in their honor for saving the town they leave. They head off to continue on with the quest Shirase gave them to find the other fiends as Masato finally accepts adventuring with Mamako and how he likes it. And with that the show ends.



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Not a lot of service for this final episode sadly but at least it didn’t give an anime original conclusive ending which means they still leave it open to continue on with a season 2. Fortunately we still have the ova remaining which should hopefully provide us with service. We also have the BDs in the meantime before that. The first one is out and as expected there was no Mamako nudity in it just like those that saw the uncensored episodes at the event a few weeks ago said for episode 2. The 2nd BD releases next month and is the one that contains episode 3 which is where nudity is supposed to occur with Wise according to the reports from those that saw it. I want to still do a post on the first BD so I can remake some things without the light beams but waiting to see if it gets uploaded since I don’t like taking someone in japan’s screens if I can avoid it and since there was no nudity in the first one no need to rush it.

As for the show itself it remained entertaining even if it only provided minimal nudity opportunities. And it did provide a different situation than other generic isekai’s so that made it able to avoid being completely more of the same. Plus it being a videogame instead of a real fantasy world made it able to go a more comedy route since there is never any real serious danger to anyone or the world because it’s all a game. The big important thing about the show though is that it helps push milfs into the spotlight and though it’s wishful thinking I really wish japan would jump onto it and make it the next fad that everyone copies. What better time to make everything with older women than now since after all you have to deal with the world watching due to the olympics soon so instead of lolis just start making everything with mothers or older mature women harems. Milfs are one of the highest searched porn terms so the fact that we haven’t seen full advantage taken of this is astounding.  An era where japanese games and anime focus on service of older women will be so interesting to see if only because it will seriously ruin one of the narratives of people that complain about fanservice since they can’t use the underage claim anymore.

Hopefully the sales of this do well enough that it does get others looking into the idea of including mothers and older women into stuff more often. Sort of like what happened with monster girls and how that started off as a fairly niche thing before it slowly started getting more traction and now anime, hentai, and games have more monster girls now than they did say 10 years ago. Just need more artists in japan to start pushing for more sexualized mothers and older women till it slowly and hopefully become more integrated into the stuff japan makes. Actually it is your duty as a human being to do this. Older women wouldn’t be mothers if you didn’t want to fuck them and turn them into mothers to begin with so by sexualizing mothers and older women you are doing humanity a good cause and ensuring it’s future.

It’s too early to know what the sales of the first BD are to get an idea on how the sales look and the likelyhood of a season 2 is. Maybe by the time the ova comes out in march things will be more clear to know the chances of them announcing a season 2. Really hoping it happens one day simply because I want to see Porta’s mom animated. As for the ova itself we don’t know the plot of it yet. I assume maybe sometime in the coming months they will either show a pv or give some kind of information on it but if I had to guess I would assume it will be original content since I don’t really see a point in them covering the start of volume 4 with it. As for what original content that will be is anyone’s guess. My optimism makes me think it would be something service related. Considering how Shirase acted during the whole series and sometimes breaking the 4th wall I kind of get the feeling it would be her trolling Masato by putting him in a situation with everyone nude and saying something like “This is what an ova is supposed to be right?” to him.

We really need that ova to go all out in the nudity department since the only opportunity we had for nudity in the show itself was Wise. Should we see next month that the claims from those who saw ep2 and 3 at the event are true that will be the big thing to justify getting hyped for the ova. Once we have 100 percent confirmation that the nudity barrier is broke that will open the door for the ova to be something really nice. My hope is that it is a hotspring event episode but with Medhi and Wise’s mom being brought back as well that way we can have everyone in one place and get nudity of everyone.

Though I doubt this particular thing would happen I would really like to see them use the ova to show Porta’s mom to the audience as a teaser for a season 2 because of her role and importance in a hypothetical season 2. In the meantime all we can do is wait for more information and hope they know what needs to be done with the ova. The fact that it was announced before the show aired and is being sold separately instead of a manga pack in makes me hope this means they are confident enough in it’s contents to sell it separately and nudity would certainly be the thing to get sales for it. Going to be a long 6 months waiting for it when it releases at the end of march. Maybe by next summer we will either have a season 2 of this or even Isekai Maou that way I have another yearly summer isekai to cover again after having did both of those.

Guess I’m done for awhile now. Nothing in fall I particularly want. Though I might look into doing a short depending on. So I guess if I want to stay relevant I need to do some manga comps so people know I’m still around. If I could learn how to do animated stitches I would start doing hentai reviews during down seasons since the only way I could bring myself to do them is if I could offer something important and since animated stitches for hentai are not made often it would make it worth it. Or I should spend all this time making my october hentai post completely filled with crazy hidden things for halloween.