New Cutey Honey (BD) Episode 2 Fanservice Review

Cutey Honey battles anime’s most under-utilized Liquid Man and a Diamond Dame.

Honey returns in OVA 2.

Let’s get right into this one,

The OVA begins with the baddie fulfilling her own personal hording fetish.

She’s turning girls into Fla-Vor-Ice!


It’s already setting it up, or rather Chokkei is already smitten with honey.


As I said last OVA, Daiko (Chokkei’s MILF) is here to play that role. No nudity from her yet, but soon…

Fast-forwarding, Honey and the gang go to future Kay jewelers. Guess who the lesbian is?

and there she is


You thought it was a Milf, but in fact it was a Tanned Q.T.! A Diamond Dame.

oh and what’s this?

And she wants Honey

Don’t forget, the Milf Daiko is also a gang leader and very greedy. Still not much fanservice from her though.


Then Diamond Dame gets hotter for Honey

too hot apparently

Diamond Dame, much like many of the female villains in these OVAs actually has a great character design imo. Simple yet distinct just like Honey.


Still a lesbian. And she plans to add Honey to her human-Popsicle horde.


Anything skin tight just auto-magically crafts greatness. Once again Honey’s transformation scenes are clearly the highlight of the show.


Unfortunately for you all, Diamond Dame’s Sin-Devil form doesn’t feature nipples like the last OVA.

Many stone-frozen victims of tanned-lesbian’s statue hording begin to fall once the lair is rocked by exploding villains.

but Diamond Dame cut Honey’s tits. So she had to go.




many girls are lost in the making of this OVA, but the villains are defeated in a rather clothed manner. Diamond Dame and under-utilized Liquid Man are extinguished for good, ending the OVA.


Until next time,

I’ll be reading part 7