Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka fanservice review episode 3


Bathing with mom time.


Along with various costume changes we get a hotspring scene this episode. Lightbeams are throughout it of course but it does provide some better clues on what we could expect from the show in terms of uncensored content. Will get into it when we reach it but there are some aspects of the hotspring scene which though it doesn’t ensure nudity for certain it does increase the chances by a bit. Also we get another character’s mother appear in this episode so plenty to cover.

This is how I sit on chairs. No joke this is the exact way including how the feet are angled. The only difference is I don’t wear shoes when doing it so I always sit on chairs with my shoes off next to me. I have now found a screen from a show that is highly relateable and I must forever save as it will allow me to show people the exact way I sit on chairs instead of describing it. Even as I type this I’m sitting like that.

Using the eggs and other food they bought with the gems they got in the previous episode Mamako makes food for everyone before they head to the equipment shop to get new stuff for everyone.

After getting to the shop Mamako tries on various different equipment sets that Masato doesn’t like since he apparently doesn’t want to end up fapping to his mom.


Eventually Mamako decides she wants to try wearing robes that can only be used by magic using classes not the warrior class she is. She doesn’t understand when it is explained to her and goes to try putting it on anyway only for it to get stuck and not go on.

Mamako fins something to wear that won’t trigger Masato and she and Porter rejoin them after having bought a bunch of stuff. Masato yells at her for how she acts all the time leading to her crying again as he realizes he continues to be a shit main lead. Mamako asks Masato to lay on her lap so she can make it up to him and Wise makes him do it. Mamako does the ear cleaning thing because anime still has yet to learn that putting those things in your ears to clean them is bad and eventually they make up and Mamako starts glowing again.

Now that they have their new equipment they decide to go to the village Shirase told them about in the previous episode to complete the quest there. The mayor tells them that an evil empress demon women has appeared to attack the village and she demands a good looking guy be given to her as a sacrifice to save the village and to deliver him by tonight. Wise begins to react at hearing this in a way that clearly doesn’t indicate character story significance. The mayor tells them he will let them stay there and use the village’s hotspring as thanks for getting rid of her.

Going to have to point something out here which is really interesting and worth keeping in mind. On the main website where they post screens of the episode they actually have an uncensored screen of the part when Mamako pulls Masato into her chest. We don’t see much of course but this does confirm the lightbeams shouldn’t be there and will presumably be removed on BD.

This bring up a really important detail which I will get to in a bit when we get to the upcoming scene.

As Masato is in the hotspring Mamako joins him and then grabs him to cover his eyes so the others can get in without him seeing them. Wise refuses to until Mamako convinces her that if she ever wants to be her daughter she will and so she gets in since she still wants Mamako to accept her as her daughter so she can escape the game with them.

While in the hotsping they talk about the demon woman they will have to fight later on that night as Mamako says there was no information about her in the guidebook so they don’t know anything about her stats. As they are confused about why it’s not listed Wise tells them all about her and her skills. The others ask how she knows as she panics and tells them she just heard about it as a rumor prior to joining them and not because the woman is obviously her mom that she separated from that she talked about in the previous episode.


Masato doesn’t believe her reason for knowing about her which leads to her yelling at him and standing up. Masato expects to get attacked after seeing her naked but she decided not to do it since she he is expecting it and that he probably wants to be attacked so she runs off instead.

So this scene with Wise when taking into account what I showed earlier with that uncensored screen from the main site becomes really interesting on what it could all mean. We can view that screen as evidence the lightbeams will be gone on BD and lightbeams are the only thing on Wise blocking her as we can see that her hands are nowhere near her and her hair is up. In the case of Mamako we can see her arm is blocking her chest so not expecting anything there. Though that is confusing as well since if she is covering herself with her arm why the need to censor that seeing as how she did that exact same thing in the previous episode and that was uncensored. Inconsistency? Or will there maybe be partial nipples still shown during this and thus why they still censored it? I’m going to assume inconsistent censoring simply because we see a few uncensored ass shots as well in the episode despite others being censored. Regardless this entire thing has made one thing clear and that is the lightbeams are not supposed to be there as shown by that one screen. The question though is will they still find a way to troll after removing them.

There could be a chance they do blank breasts though that seems kind of odd and would make the reaction in the scene strange but who knows. Of course there is also the chance they could only selective remove the beams and have some scenes shown uncensored like that Mamako scene while others get no changes. Or alternatively they could just throw soap on her chest as well. So many trolling methods and no way to know how serious we should take this. Though this could also be a coincidence as well but the BD ad scroll started right when the hotspring part began. In case you are wondering here is the scene from the LN.

Interesting thing to note is that it is hard to tell if that is a shadow or partial nipple on Mamako. Obviously they are censoring it with that steam but wonder if they kept a small part as a secret or if that is just a different color of skin because how her arm is pressed against it. Could they mean to turn this into actual nudity in the anime? Can’t really tell but the annoying thing is that the anime didn’t have Mamako in that position so getting anything from her during this scene in the anime seems less certain without redraws while Wise is a different story because of her clear view we got.

Shirase finds the empress demon woman that is threatening the village and tells her that her actions have violated the games terms and so she is going to be banned and removed from the game. When she tries to ban her it doesn’t work since I guess we are going the .hack route of some players having special abilities that go against how the game works. She starts to attack Shirase telling her she has special powers and she can’t do anything to her. Shirase mentions that Wise is close by and asks if she has any plans on ever making up with her. She says she won’t and doesn’t need her daughter anymore as all the guys she has collected are much better children as she kills Shirase whom is probably going to be the kenny of the show and die every episode is my guess.

After Masato gets out of the hotspring he hears Wise outside as she tells him she is going for a walk in the forest. He asks why she would do that knowing they have a boss fight soon and she offers him the chance to come with her but he turns it down because he doesn’t want the free tsundere sex she would had given him I guess. He instead tells her he knows what is bothering her about the fight they have coming up and that he figured out the empress is her mom. Wise decides to leave on her own not wanting to answer him about that as he opens the door to chase after her and falls on her. Mamako comes in at that point and asks if they are dating now. If only this were hentai she would teach her son various sex stuff later for him to use on Wise.

Masato tells Wise to explain things to everyone else about the empress since he has already figured it out but the others haven’t. She tells them that the empress is her mom that she got into a fight with and that she is a terrible person. She says her real name is really Genya which is what her mom named her based on one of her favorite hosts she had at the host clubs she would spend all her money at. Her parents later divorced and she would go to live with her dad since her mom was a shitty parent. Eventually her mom reappeared out of nowhere and wanted to make up with her and convinced her to play this game together. Once they started playing her mom saw how much power she was given and gave up on making up with Wise and decided she would run around with men instead and this lead to Wise getting in a fight with her and leaving.


After Wise says there is no chance for them to make up and that even her mom feels the same way, Mamako gives her some speech about how her mom still loves her and eventually convinces her to let them all help and they will try to make her mom change when they fight her later. Considering the atmosphere of the series we can assume things will work out that way and she will make up with her but wish this would take a more realistic darker tone to mock such nativity. Some parents are just shit and no kind of school assembly special speech will change that.

Meanwhile her mom waits in the forest for her male sacrifice to be brought to her so she can have another son. She then remembers what Shirase said to her before about Wise being nearby as the episode ends.



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Last week was our first sighting of lightbeams and this week we get them again. This time however there were some differences which could be good news for us. Last week there was still the worry of hands or hair blocking what is behind the lightbeams and there was no certain way to tell if that would be the case or not. In this week however there was a scene in which that possibility was removed for the scene here. In the case of Mamako her arm was clearly blocking her so little hope there for a clear shot other than maybe some partial at best but in the case of Wise she has nothing to block her. So should the lightbeams be removed we should see something since there should be nothing else underneath. Furthermore thanks to the preview pic for the episode on the official site we can see that the lightbeams are indeed supposed to be removed or at least for the scene shown they will.

So we can take away two things from this episode. One there is a scene in which the only thing separating us from nudity are lightbeams and nothing else. And two the lightbeams are something that are not present in a screen on the main site meaning they should be removed on BD. This still doesn’t ensure nudity 100 percent yet as there still are some other scenarios such as blank breasts being a possibility. However this episode did inch us closer to the chance that the show will have nudity in it with the part with Wise. Keep in mind if this does end up being the case and it means we get nudity we have only established nudity for her so far and not anyone else.┬áThe stuff with Mamako in the previous episode would hopefully result in nudity as well but there still is the possibility of trolling while the stuff with Wise this week is harder to do unless they do maximum trolling with blank breasts. Hopefully in upcoming episodes we get others especially Mamako in situations such as Wise’s in which the argument for hands or hair blocking it becomes less likely due to how the scene is presented.

As far as story it still seems to be a show that isn’t taking itself too serious so far with plot which is good and we did get another mother introduced this episode. The main guy is still a garbage character while the mom is the main draw of the show but that is probably how the entire show is going to be. Next episode looks to be a battle focused episode maybe so who knows how much service we might get unless clothing destruction ends up being a thing which would be nice. Hopefully at some point we start getting service for the new mother character as well. All in all this episode did help strengthen the chance of this being a nude show slightly at least in the case of one character while the verdict is still out for everyone else. So many different factors in play with this show that it will probably be a surprise in terms of what we get in regards to nudity. The BD which includes this episode and episode 4 isn’t till October so all we can do for now is over analyse what clues we can.

The death of sad panda right before c96 is such bad timing. I assume this show might get a decent amount of doujins for it there and now uploads of them appearing is going to be hard to find probably since most everywhere else would just get their stuff from sad panda. Since the incest tag was one of the tags that would get stuff sent there as well that means it’s probably unlikely that doujins for this will even be allowed on normal e-h. Probably the saddest week in internet hentai history.