Girls Bravo Episode 17 DVD Fanservice Review

The long awaited wait, for a new girl! Yukina!

In this episode of girls bravo we are taken to a convention, one with all the latest technology and gadgets of yesteryear. Tomoka is mad because the three girls left without her, so she drags Yukinari with them. 

But wait! A bath scene from Miharu and Koyomi!

Meanwhile at the convention Yukinari bumps into a girl he assumes is in a specific cosplay. 


Whomever this mysterious girl is, she has the same reaction Yukinari does. Kind of weird considering most convention goers would set off that allergy. Yukinari meets up with the rest of the girls, and Yukinari gets ’employed’.

Introducing Yukina! A new girl hired in order to fill in for a missing person among the female group. Would you guess who has his eyes set on her! Yup its Fukuyama, who is willing to pay Kirie under the table if he gets some exclusive time with her. The first game is a motorbiking game.

to all girls bravo dedicated fans: heh
to all new viewers of this article: heh
Next game is an awkward as hell dancing game. Its pretty much twister except you are on top of a creepy person the entire time.

Well they are tied 1-1, guess its all up to the final game. A strip-tier fighting game!

Fukuyama wins…

He wins exclusive dating and fondle privileges on Yukini, guess he’ll put that to work right away!

It’s a trap!

Kirie finally getss some past due revenge on Fukuyama!
Horny fans watching a too good to be true exhibit are in shock.
Yukinari needs therapy.

See you all next time! Maj-hong lovers!

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