Tejina-senpai: Fanservice Review Episode 4

Today we will unveil the tricks of magic!

OR we can unveil Senpai.

Let’s go with the second option.

As Senpai goes with her usual antics trying to pressure Assistant-kun in staying with the Magic Club, everything tends to work against her. As usual. Later we also discover that the Magic Club doesn’t even exist yet, since there aren’t enough members to form a club.

(I think he has a lot of mixed feelings about staying in the club… I mean, she IS crazy.) (Don’t mind the jack-in-the-box.)


And therefore Assistant-kun starts hunting for a new club to join (reminder that joining a club is mandatory, he wasn’t there to watch the jiggling boobs of Senpai, but because he could play videogames while she was making a fool of herself). But is instead stalked by the nominal protagonist of this show until he basically surrenders.


But Senpai doesn’t give up and tries to impress him, more and more. We can say that she certainly leaves an impression, but not of the kind she wanted. We also discover that while she’s alone, Senpai’s tricks work out perfectly.

(Someone will severely misunderstand… ANYONE would misunderstand!) (Just so you know, she managed to get like THIS with plastic swords.)


But there’s still the issue of the mandatory club, and so Assistant-kun joins the near Chemistry-club as member-in-name-only. But as long as Senpai is happy and manages to get in kinky situation, all’s fine (probably).

(Yes, she definitely misunderstood a lot)




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Overall thoughts: Today school uniform, tomorrow underwear. I hope.