Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka fanservice review episode 4


Moms fighting each other.


Unfortunately this episode had little in the way of service. And I mean pretty much nothing at all. So unless you like magic attacks there isn’t anything to care about this time. Hopefully this is just a rare occurrence for an episode and we go back to service again next week.

Wise has a dream about when her mother approached her out of the blue and forced her into the game so they could get closer. We see how strong her mom was and that she started ignoring Wise as a result and considering herself better which eventually lead to Wise running away. She wakes up having fallen asleep on Mamako’s lap in the previous episode as they get ready to find her mom and fight her.

Maybe it’s because she is dressed like a nun all the time but I’m hoping they give an excuse to get her naked at some point.

After heading to the area where Wise’s mother is supposed to be they find Shirase’s dead body and revive her. She tells them various things about Wise’s mother such as her real name being Kazuno and how she is using a hack in the game which has given her the ability to do things like control npcs and manipulate other elements of the game she shouldn’t be able to. As a result they plan on banning her and charging her a huge amount in fines for breaking the game. However she tells them if they can resolve the situation themselves she will send in a report to the higher ups that keeps Wise’s mom safe. They all decide on a plan and agree to help Wise in trying to stop her mother.

Lava penis. If they want watchers to replicate this they will give us uncensored Mamako nudity on BD.

Shirase dying each episode is probably going to be a gag on purpose.

Shirase says she was just told by the admins that Wise’s mother currently has a window open to hack the game even more and so she is going to use a power in order to bring Wise’s mom to them to deal with right away. After bringing her to them and seeing her new appearance they try to talk to her instead and when that doesn’t work they have to fight as her and Wise fight against each other’s spells. She starts to control all the trees and traps Mamako and Porter in them while she fights Masato and Wise by themselves.

When you deny people a national dex they have to make their own knockoff pokemon to replace the missing ones.

Now you know. You know with a line like that. It would be illegal not to say it….. “Perhaps the same could be said of all religions.” -Dracula, Symphony of the Night.

Both of them get trapped in a room that Kazuno is able to summon and is the source of her hacking ability. She tells them she got it by opening an unnamed message in her inbox and ever since she has had access to this room which grants her any wish and she plans on using that to control both the game world and real world as she uses it to get government secrets to sell to others to get rich. Both Masato and Wise try to fight her and are unable to win and as they are about to be beat Mamako destroys the room from the outside and frees them both.


After Mamako gives her a speech that doesn’t work she fights Kazuno with the help of Masato as they start to break through her barrier and damage her. Porter then gives them an item to use which can cast a sealing spell on her and they use it having realized she has the same weakness as Wise and can have her magic sealed.

With her magic blocked, Wise uses a weakening spell on her eliminating any power she has left resulting in her trying to escape. Mamako and Masato attack her as she is trying to fly away and are able to destroy her wings as she falls down beaten.

Kazuno turns back into her normal form (a shame as she looks much better in her demon form but at least she still has it and uses it still looking ahead in the LN) as her and Wise fight each other ovr various things after Wise told her she wants to make up with her. Shirase says that since everything is back to normal now and she shouldn’t cause anymore problems she won’t be punished.

Masato asks Wise why she is still with them since her mom already logged off since her and her mother made up allowing for both of them to log off now having completed the purpose of the game. Wise doesn’t give a real answer and just says she is with them because they need a magic user. Shirase contacts them and since they did a good job at handling that problem with Wise’s mother she has another quest for them to do since it has been decided to let them handle any issues that come up in the game as quests. She shows them their next location to go as they head off towards it and Masato realizes he has also grown closer to Mamako because of this quest as the episode ends.



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This episode was a plot focused episode so we didn’t get anything in terms of service. We did get to see what Wise’s mom really looks like but other than that not really much going for it. Really hoping we get to see Porter’s mom at some point but doubting it since the anime probably won’t reach that far (If you know what she looks like you would know why I want her to appear). Next week’s episode based on the preview appears to be when we get the next girl to join the party so we get a new character next week and her mother as well so that is another mother to add in the show. We also seem to be entering volume 2 of the LN so based on the rate they have been going my guess is the show may cover the first 3 volumes. There are some service scenes in volume 2 including Mamako getting grabbed by some tentacles scene. So there still is service coming up to look forward to so no need to get worried over this episode being a low service one.

I think I have referenced symphony of the night more than any other game in my posts. I know I have brought it up plenty of times in various shows because of a scene or line in the episode being relevant. Considering castlevania is my favorite videogame series that makes sense. Too bad it’s pretty much dead now. Except for that mobile game that hasn’t come out yet. I actually don’t have problems with that but probably because the main girl in it is a glasses girl. Konami taking advantage of my weakness so I can’t complain.