Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon BD Fanservice Review: Episode 2 & 3

The happy days of boob groping and the danger days forthcoming XD

Episode 2: 

The episode begins with the introduction background of the story where we learn about the history of the Far East during Makiko’s history lessons.

While it is always interesting when the male mc Toori is around, Masazumi on the other hand visits her mother’s tombstone and encounter Horizon. It was revealed that she lost her boobs as she went for a partial sex change surgery in order to inherit her family name.

As the Musashi airship docks at the city of Mikawa, Tori keeps discussing with his classmates about the proper way to confess his feelings to Horizon. However, this gets out of hand when he wants to be able to grope her breasts when meeting her. His sister suggest him to grope someone who had boobs like Horizon.

Episode 3:

As most of the students are busy with the preparations of the party requested by Tori, Kimi Aoi watches over her brother Tori, who seems to be frightened by Horizon’s place of death.

Margot (the busty angel) who is talking to Malga (the black hair angel) comes across Masazumi and passes her a package of video game supposed to be delivered to Tori.

Meanwhile, some guy is assigned to be in the same room with a girl. XD (How nice was that) While Masazumi reaches the Remorse Road, the place where Horizon had died years ago, she learns that the incident had greatly impacted Tori.

During the party which was requested by Tori, the students stayed overnight at the academy to exorcise any spirits within the area.

The story settings of this anime is certainly an interesting one with a very well balance of character development and fanservice. However, it is difficult to summarize and explain about everything in a single review. My recommendation is to give this anime a try and you’ll know how GOOD it is!! (^^)b That is all for the fanservice review for today. We hope you enjoyed the fanservice and please stay tuned for the upcoming fanservice review as something big is about to happen!! (^^)v