Tejina-senpai: Fanservice Review Episode 5

In this episode we will make fanservice vanish.

Well, not really but close.

This time around we deal with serious problems, which means no silly problems (which we really love). First some curious girls come to observe the not-Club of Magic (it doesn’t end well).


Then Senpai and her sister (that I think is much more gifted than her) come up with a quick change trick involving fake skin and laces. We can say it mostly works, but sadly the evil Direction made this section too short and quick…

(This is either what the big sister makes Senpai wear at home or a blatant shotout to Miru Tights.) (It’s actually fake skin… but I’m almost sure she’s naked under it…) (Basically “You had my attention, now you have my interest!”) (Yeah, yeah… it’s not like you’re naked, or like Assistant-kun will burn these images in his memory for the coming centuries.) (Truly.)


Then we have Assistant-kun making his chemistry things with Chemistry-Senpai and her showing him some cool stage tricks using the power of science. Cool.

(Reminder that she misunderstood something about the Magic Club’s activities. (Best trick of the day.)


And it all ends with Senpai hiding in a box to jump out and impress Assistant-kun. But instead she gets stuck, some crazy situation ensues and she severely misunderstands a lot of things. Therefore, the next sunday Senpai invites him to her home to earnestly address the problem. And, as usual, she makes a fool of herself.

(He was actually talking to Behemoth-kun, the plushie.) (Yes, you do.) (If you ask me, she looks like someone bullied her and then stuffed her into a box…) (Actually those don’t seem to be handkerchiefs…) (Can’t say I didn’t see it coming)



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Overall thoughts: Senpai remembered to take back the pigeon panties from him, right?