Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka fanservice review episode 5


When your mom goes to school with you.


Another minimum service episode other than Mamako in a schoolgirl outfit. On the plus side next week should be better based on the preview pics for the next episode. We also get a new girl and mother this episode which gives us more characters that can be used for service purposes in future episodes.

While out grinding Masato thinks about how strong Mamako is compared to the rest of them and how he can never get stronger just doing these normal fights. As they are sitting around they see flyers advertising a school to train at are dropped everywhere. After explaining things to Mamako she let’s Masato and the others go off to apply to the school.

After they arrive at the school they read the flyer further and learn they can earn SP at the school and also get items that can help them such as accessorys to block sealing, increase drop rates, and attack power. Masato runs into another girl as he heads towards the school as they meet Medhi and her mother Medhimama. Both of them are also test players and are also entering the school as he starts to think school won’t be so bad if he has a girl like her in his class.

After arriving at the class they see all the other students are just generic npcs that haven’t been finished yet. After the teacher mentions a 4th student, Masato starts to worry it is Mamako only to learn it was Medhi who joins the class. Her mother also requests sitting in and watching thus ruining any chance Masato has at being able to talk to her.

They are told answering the questions correct will get whoever answers first 10 sp points. As they are asked various questions Medhi answers and gets them right while no one else gets a chance to answer either because Medhimama stops them by blocking Masato with her staff or casting confusion on Wise. Porta tells Masato that the staff she has is allowing her to cast status effects on everyone (also the subs now call her Porta like she should had been from the start. Let’s see how often they keep switching back and forth due to inconsistency and bad subs). After everyone falls asleep from her spells¬†Medhimama sees Masato is still awake due to his equipment granting protection against said effects but since it is only partial she just has to keep casting it till it works. Eventually he like everyone else falls asleep.

After waking up they see class ended and everyone left. An announcement then calls Masato outside to meet with a girl waiting for him. He runs to find who it is only to see it is Mamako like he expected dressed like a schoolgirl.

After asking Mamako why she is at the school, Shirase appears telling him she is the principal of the school as her role now and will explain. She says the school was built because some parents were complaining there was no place for their kids to learn in the game so the school was built quickly for that reason. She sent out those flyers on purpose and included items on the paper that she knew would get them baited into coming there. She brought Mamako there as well because she needs them to deal with the issue impacting the school and implies it has to do with Medhi and her mother. In other words Masato and Mamako are being used to fix issues like they did with Wise and her mom. She tells them that now that they already met with both of them she will leave the rest to them. She also warns that since the school wasn’t bug tested she needs them to help with that as well as she is killed by one of the glitches (like I said before they are probably going the kenny route with this and will have her die in every episode).

After returning to class he sees that Mamako is in it now as a student and freaks out telling the teacher about it because he doesn’t want her in the class. The teacher allows her to stay as an observer instead as she goes to sit in the back with Medhi’s mom and watch as Masato worries about having her there watching him.

Just like before¬†Medhimama starts to cast status effects on everyone as the teacher starts asking questions. When they don’t work they realize that Mamako’s gauntlets protect from status effects and she has learned a skill that allows her to share that protection with everyone. Thus by having Mamako around none of them can get impacted by the spells which is probably one of the reasons Shirase wanted her there with them.

After a hard question is asked Mamako decides to answer instead and since she is wearing a uniform the teacher allows her to answer questions. She answers them correct and starts to gain a huge amount of points as well.

At the end of the day Mamako has answered enough correct that she is first place with Medhi behind her while the rest of them are all at 0 points. Mamako tells them they did good anyway and they can do more tomorrow since classes will last for a week as the episode ends.



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Other than small minor things like panties there wasn’t much in this episode. However the next episode is the pool episode looking at the pics on the main site. This also means the tentacle part is next week as well and will probably be our next big main service on the level of episode 2. Hopefully we get some lightbeams appearing next week as well not because wanting to see lightbeams but because if they do appear that gives the chance for there being nudity when uncensored. Mamako does get grabbed by the tentacles so it will be interesting to see if anything happens to her swimsuit during this which could give us nudity on BD maybe. So even though we have had two episodes in a row with minimal service the next episode has the potential to make up for it between the tentacle part and the school bathing suits everyone wears.

We also got new characters for this episode just in time for that and based on one of the preview pics we do see Medhi’s mom in a revealing bathing suit. So we could end up getting more service of her than we got of Wise’s mom so far. Also the plot seems to be going in a direction of fixing each of the girl’s relationship with their moms thanks to Masato and Mamako so this makes me wonder if we could see some changes to the story to fit Porta’s mom in earlier since that isn’t till later on in the story. Who knows how long the medhi arc will last but after that 2 of the 3 main girls in the party will have their mom issues addressed so it would make sense to finish with Porta especially since her mom is one of the main programmers for the game. There are plenty of interesting service scenes later on so it will be a shame if we are just restricted to the first 3 volumes only and they can’t reach the rest.

As a kid I remember school having both a grandparents and parents day twice a year in which grandparents would be able to come and sit in class with you and parents the same thing on a different day. Was really annoying and made you feel like a zoo animal as you had all these parents for others in your class sitting around watching all of you. What bullshit. It was already hard enough playing gameboy in class without getting caugh so having dozens of more eyes watching just made it very hard mode.