Kenja no Mago: Fanservice Review Episode 9

A war should be coming one day or the next…

… so in the meantime let’s throw an engagement party!

As the Demonoids don’t seem willing to attack any time soon, our heroes find new and interesting ways to do just about anything else.


Since the previous night, Shin just realized first hand (*wink wink*) that Sicily is a catch, the two go to Sicily’s main house to officially ask her parents for permission to date. Apparently they are very happy (not really the reaction Shin was expecting) by the news. And before someone has the chance of saying “Wingardium Leviosa”, Shin ends up accepting an official betrothal with Sicily with the prospect of marriage.

(Wait! I started this show thinking it was a harem!)


But this is no excuse for slacking off, so it’s time to blast away some more landscape under the amazed eyes of Ellie and May (who apparently haven’t had enough of near-death experiences yet). May also manage to impress old man Wolford with her magic control while Lynn and Alice (the magic flat-chest duo) feel threatened by her prospective boob magic growth.

(Ellie finally undestands that she is in the middle of a group of battle-crazy living tactical weapons.) (If May will really grow up like this, I want Kenja Season 2 right now!)


Not like we have any time to catch our breath, since we are now back to the former Imperial Capital where Strom is overseeing the total destruction of the (former) Empire. Just for the fun of it, apparently.

(Appearances aside, Strom’s not looking at Miria’s cleavage.)


Meanwhile, Shin develops new magic (this time a levitation spell) leading to amazed and perplexed faces from his friends.

(Pretty sure no one here wants to see the panties of the smurf.)


Back at the mansion, Shin remembers to tell his family that he’s formally engaged now. You thought we were done? WRONG! Because a visit of Shin’s grandparents to Sicily’s family is due!

(Gotta say that now I see from where Sicily came…)


Next we discover what our hero was cooking up in his devious evil brain. Overnight he designed, created and enchanted a proper uniform for him and each of his companions, down to the perfect size of everyone! If you ask me I find it kind of creepy, but they seems pleased. Also Shin decides to kick the fanservice up a notch and therefore the girls’ uniforms have spats and tight shirts that emphasize the cleavage. Good work.

(My money are on the left one.) (Unrelated, in his spare time, Shin cooked up a corded phone.)


And wearing these national-grade military secrets, off they go exterminating demons of Catastrope-class just for the fun of it (and testing how their powering-up is coming along). It really doesn’t end well for the poor demons (or for the surrounding forests).

(Feel free to use these couple pics for any lewd joke you can come up.)

But apparently any further demon-bashing will wait, since it’s finally time for the damn engagement party. All’s well that ends well, with a very low-profile event, with only a handful of intimate acquaintances like the elite of the damn magic academy, nobles, the royal family and basically every person with a battle power over 9000 and his dog.

(Her eyes are up there, Harry Potter…)


Also, while we’re at it, ScissorsMeTimbers made this, since Ellie seems to be quite popular…



WebM Album: Episode 9

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Overall thought: Admittedly, I think this could have been a good episode… if they hadn’t crammed stuff for 3 entire episodes into this 1 episode.