Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou fanservice review episode 6


Using a pool to escape being a victim of NTR.


This episode feels shorter because it it. While all the previous episodes had a minute and 30 seconds of extra content for the r18 version this one is only a minute. Not only that we barely get anything during that minute other than some very brief nudity. This show has really started to become tamer and tamer as it goes on. Fortunately only two episodes left.

They continue the volleyball game from the previous episode. Ryou’s team filled with rage over the volleyball are able to win the match while simultaneously using the opportunity to permanently disfigure the ball by smashing it’s face into the ground enough. Soma then realizes he is about to get cucked because his constant rapes now look weak compared to the abuse that Jun gave that volleyball to impress Ryou. Yuki tries to cheer him up by telling him they should have gay fireman anal later as Soma thinks about how much lube he is going to need as Ryou leaves with Jun.

Jun further impresses Ryou by showing her his grill he uses to cook people in. Soma watching this realizes he has fucked up and should had become a serial killer to win over Ryou not a rapist. Meanwhile the other girls are ignored despite Ayako being superior and this would be the perfect chance to go for her.

Jun asks Ryou to show him her blowjob skills by sucking on a firehose that may or may not be connected to a bucket of chloroform. He after his previous failure a few episodes ago will try both the serial killer and rape route to really beat out Some and win her. He tells her they will be dumping what is in the buckets into the ocean to kill all the sea life in the area so they will have the beach all to themselves.

As Ryou is stealing the hotel’s plates, Soma talks to her and tells her he has a better present for her. Showing her the pool he tells her while she was away he killed all the remaining guests so that they can have it all to themselves instead and offers to rape her in the pool instead. Thanks to Ryou being crazy the murder of people over animals gives far more impress me points and as a result he wins Ryou back as she jumps in the pool to pee in it as she also is a serial pool killer as well.

They both get into the pool and Soma decides he will give her some pool rape to further win her back from Jun. Also getting a UTI from chlorinated water being shoved into every orifice is the height of romance.

After doing pretty much nothing the episode ends right as they are about to fuck. I assume next week will continue from this scene but seriously there was almost nothing here. It’s just them in the pool with some very quick nudity and then it is over.



WebM Album.



It’s pretty obvious at this point but I am bored with this thing. I wouldn’t put it as bad as 25sai but that is only because 25sai blinded everyone with it’s brightness so this not doing the same thing gives it an edge. However 25sai at least had sex occur by now so tough call. Since this episode ended right in the middle of a scene much like the episode two weeks ago did and continued the following week I assume the same will happen here. So we will probably get more of this pool stuff at the start of next week but as for if they will actually have sex this time who knows. With only 2 episodes left they very well could be saving that as a final episode thing like Skirt did.

This has got to be the most tame of all the josei stuff so far though. We keep getting episodes in which we barely see anything and of the stuff we have seen it is all the same generic content we have seen already and they keep repeating it here each episode. This is why I stopped doing posts for the josei shows and only did them for the male aimed ones after doing 25 sai. This show has only reminded me I made the right choice by doing that. Only two episodes left of this though so it should be over soon at least. Not going to touch the next r18 show for fall which is also another josei as well so aren’t going to have a chance for another male aimed one till next year it seems.

I picked this show up to do posts on in hopes the other girls would have a more prominent role due to them being more present than other background characters in previous shows. I should had known that wouldn’t happen. Also since the fall show is another josei one and I’m not touching these josei shows again after this that means I currently have nothing to cover for fall. I don’t care for jet girls or val love. Maybe something else will get announced by someone otherwise I guess I get to use fall to do manga comps.