Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka fanservice review episode 7


A school festival with moms.


Most of this episode’s service occurs at the start with a small bit towards the middle. As expected there are light beams during both parts. While the incident in the middle of the episode is probably false censorship the part at the start is debatable. Also we may find out sooner than expected on what to anticipated on BD due to some recent news announced which I’ll get into at the end.

Everyone is taking a bath together as Masato tells everyone he wants to help Medhi and her mother fix their problems. After telling them how he knows what it is like having issues with a mother he wants to help her and needs everyone’s help. They all then agree to help Medhi and her mother of whatever their issues are.

Meanwhile Porta starts having issues because of being in the bath too long and this is where things get the most light beams. When Mamako gets up she walks in front of the light beam that is already there before she even moves meaning they were already planning on censoring her before the scene in question happened. It’s hard to tell what to expect here since we can’t see the position of both her arms when she runs to Porta. Her right arm will probably block her right breast but the left side of her is hard to tell.

At the school they are told the next event is a school festival and they must break off into groups and figure out what to do. The purpose of the training is to see how well they can handle random events without warning since they have no time to prepare for the festival. Parents are also allowed to participate which results in Mamako telling them they can run a cafe together. When Medhimama hears this she tells them her and Medhi will run a cafe as well and get more customers than them. Also that stitch is impossible to do without the background being broken.

A random npc tries to confess to Mamako as she turns him down on the account of her being Masato’s mother. One would think having a husband would take precedence over that excuse though. Masato tells Medhi that Mamako has already gotten a lot of confessions to her inbox already but he’s not worried (Good thing c96 was before this otherwise the ntr doujins would had been even higher). Medhi uses this time to tell Masato she is sorry about her mother and that she only acts that way because she wants the best for her daughter.

The cafe they run with Mamako ends up being too busy that they can’t handle all the orders. Mamako then asks for help and all the npcs run to help giving the others nothing to do. Meanwhile the cafe ran by Medhi and her mother has no one visiting it.

Medhimama tells Medhi to put on a swimsuit so they can try to attract customers to the cafe instead of Mamako’s as she rips off Medhi’s clothes (If she really wanted their cafe to win she would offer free milf sex for those who spend a certain amount). At that moment Masato walks in and Medhimama kills him for seeing Medhi in that state as she comments on how strong the staff she has is and that she is glad someone gave it to her much like how Wise’s mom had a strong weapon anonymously given to her. Masato learns that thanks to all the times Wise had killed him he has now learned a new skill which allows him to float around as a ghost unseen which probably would be more useful if there was a hotspring with more women around. As a result he is able to hear their conversation without them noticing as Medhimama uses her staff to mind control Medhi and tells her to find Masato after he revives and seduce him into sabotaging Mamako’s cafe. Masato then leaves to get revived while knowing their plan. Not expecting any nudity here on BD since you can tell Medhi’s arm is covering her chest under the light beam.


When Medhi finds Masato she drags him to go look at the rest of the festival with her as he knows that she is only doing it because of the staff. He eventually tells her he knows about the plan and was there watching the whole time which knocks her out of her mind control. As Medhi starts to get angry over being used by her mother so much Medhimama shows up and challenges Masato’s group to the beauty contest that is being held next telling him that Medhi will win it.

When the contest begins Medhi is the first up and accidentally hits her head on the mic when she gets on stage leading to loud cheers putting her in first place. Wise attempts the same thing and gets no one cheering for her but Porta (Should had gave the mic a fake blowjob instead if she wanted more cheers). As the host is about to announce the winner he decides to give any last minute contestants a chance to enter as well.

Mamako uses that opportunity to run up on stage to ask Wise to use her fire magic to help her cook the food she was preparing. After doing so she decides to walk over to the mic to advertise the cafe unaware that doing so would make her a contestant as well. After she tells everyone about the cafe everyone cheers and she gets max points resulting in her winning over Medhi. Masato realizing that her mom will be angry grabs Medhi as he and the others run away.

After getting away the others talk to Medhi about her mother and how she should stop doing everything she tells her and live her life the way she wants to. Eventually they are able to convince her to start making her own choices now as she agrees to take their advice and how she wants to be friends with all of them.

Must be a shoe sale to run that fast.

Medhimama hears what she says and attacks her for not wanting to follow her orders anymore. As she is about to hit her Mamako appears and blocks it. After Mamako questions her on why she wants to force Medhi to be number 1 all the time she tells her that if Medhi is first place then that will also make her the first place mom as well.

Medhi hearing this realizes that her mom has been forcing her to do all this stuff not for her own well being like she told Masato earlier was the reason for her behavior but that is was all for herself. Realizing that her mom only cared about making herself look better and wasn’t doing this for her like she thought results in Medhi being taken over by darkness as she uses the staff she has to turn into a dragon as she prepares to attack everyone as the episode ends.



WebM Album.



This episode wasn’t as service heavy as the previous one but it still had more than the other serviceless episodes. We also got some more wait for the BD type stuff as well. I doubt the part with Medhi will deliver anything as you can tell her arm is covering her breasts underneath the light beam. As for the part when Mamako gets up from the water is harder to say since we can’t see the position of her arms under the light beam too well. Speaking of which they just announced something that is going to be happening in about 2 weeks which should finally give us our answers. An event was announced for September 7th in which episode 2 and 3 will be shown uncensored at Toranoana in akihabara.

https://okaasan-online.com/news/?article_id=51488 “On September 25, the first volume will be the first TV anime “Do you like the mother of the second attack with a general attack as a whole attack?” We have received inquiries about the differences in video. Therefore, we decided to hold “Ari Mama Screening”, where you can see the Blu-ray & DVD recordings ahead of time so that you can see them for yourself! Visitors will be able to watch episodes 2 and 3 that they are most interested in on the video recorded on Blu-ray & DVD.” 

They also seem to be giving out a free bromide as well for those that attend. It also sounds like they were getting so many questions about the BD it resulted in this event happening in the first place. As for if this is good news or not kind of depends on how you look at it. They obviously know there is a demand for nipples so it would seem kind of shitty to make a big deal about this and it not deliver anything. Also considering how close it is to the BD this could end up being a really good or bad decision. If this showing reveals no nudity then word will spread fast and the preorders would take a hit and thus it would be better to not say anything and make people buy it first to see it which would be scummy sure but business is never clean. So the question is why do this event unless they are confident it will do the reverse and increase preorders which is what nudity would certainly help do.

Keep in mind that though this is the conclusion that would seem the most logical we have seen plenty of times with companies that they can be completely devoid of any logic or intelligence. So even though it would be really stupid for a company to reveal no nudity underneath shortly before the first BD comes out we can’t write off that possibility of a company actually being that dumb. I would like to think they aren’t but who can tell. The important thing though is that people will finally know if this show will have nudity or not prior to the first BD and hopefully those in japan that do see it reveal this information so we know. Another thing of note is that it says those who go will be asked to fill in a questionnaire and give feedback on what they thought after. So if in worse case they don’t reveal nudity perhaps if enough people say something it could impact it. It would be too late to change things for the first BD at that point but who knows what they could do for later ones or the ova based on that.

This week set up things to conclude things with Medhi’s arc and next week looks to be a serious episode I assume so I’m not expecting much service for next week. We will obviously finish the Medhi storyline up as she officially joins the party and will finish up the second volume of the LN leaving the last 4 episodes for volume 3. Unless they decide to do something and skip to Porta’s mom but I’m guessing that won’t happen sadly so will have to rely on a season 2 to see her. Hopefully the event in 2 weeks reveals nudity which will certainly help preorders which are already doing pretty well as it is so getting the nudity boost will help the chances of this getting a season 2 one day. Plus once we get confirmation of nudity that will make the ova for next year all the more appealing as well as they might go all out with it. Hopefully we get good news from that event.

Side note looks like the BD release of heaven’s feel 2 didn’t have nudity added to it. I was going to do a post on it if it had but sadly it did not. When the camrip came out earlier this year I wanted to do a post on that at the time as well covering only the lewd parts till I saw how tame they were and so hoped the BD would improve it but they didn’t. A shame as there was no reason not to add nudity to it as the one scene seemed perfect for it. During one part the camera stops right in the middle of Sakura’s breasts that going down just like two inches would had given us nipples. I demand an all nude extremely lewd Illya ova now to make up for it.