Girls Bravo Episode 18 DVD Fanservice Review

Mahjong- Better than strip poker, lots of Webm’s this time around too.

This has to be the dynamic of Girls Bravo summed up easily into one easy episode. Lets start with our trademark bath scene, from elm street itself!

Well with Kirie, Miharu, and Koyomi enjoying the movie, the only one of the girls that is bored out of her mind is Tomoka. Figures, so the group plays a game of Go-Fish with her, until she gets bored of it as well. Luckily Fukuyama has a solution. Mahjong!

Well, this time Risa and Kosame want in the action. So the 4 player games will be split into two sections. Fukuyama, Koyomi, Tomoka, and Hayate in one group, and the major game with Yukinari, Fukuyama (again), Kirie, and Miharu.

Ebi knows what to do

Tomoka throwing pieces that Ebi thinks could win the game!

And the results put Tomoka and Hayate in robot costumes, and Koyomi gets to know a new snake friend. Time for the main game!

Now that Yukinari’s life is on the line, Yukinari is forced to cooperate with Fukuyama to get Miharu and Kirie in their birthday suits. However since Miharu has incredible luck, Fukuyama had to resort to this.

Welp the Jig is up, and the boys lose: including Kosame and Risa. They are stuck walking around the block in what Kirie left for them. I don’t think Kosame got it that bad this time.

Stitches by Scissor!



Next Episode: Get ready to put on some Rabbit Ears 😀