Tejina-senpai: Fanservice Review Episode 8

Are you ready for a jiggly episode?

Because this episode sure managed to do gainaxing in the double digits.

This time around Senpai and her “disciples” try their luck at Chinese magic, the kind of legerdemain that remains a secret for centuries. So much of a secret that the Club of Magic just tries to figure how they are doing things, without any luck.


After that, Senpai tries some mentalism trick on Assistant-kun, and as usual things backfire on her. Also for some reason there were a lot of tangerines lying around.

(Tangerine beats Senpai 1 – 0.) (I agree.)


But what’s a school Club if you don’t have a website to update strangers and weirdos with your daily routine? Of course things become funny if you don’t have the least bit of an aptitude towards PCs or if your common sense is seriously lacking. I mean, seriously seriously lacking…

(First attempt seems the kind of website that kids made in the early ’90s.) (I kind of know whose assets are going to be put in display…) (Second attempt…  a camgirl website?) (It would happen, 100%.) (Third attempt, straight out from a porn site.) (It will not happen, Assistant-kun will do a plain normal one.)


But not all Assistant-kun’s effort are for naught, as the Magic Club finally lands a “show”. A show at the local kindergarten, actually. And this means that is Senpai time to shine! With such low standards as 4 years old kids even her ability is amazing. Of course, things don’t end well (as usual), but this time she had a blast!

(She’s evil.) (Getting ahead of yourself just ’cause they have low expectations is unwise, but don’t mind me…) (If you make things disappear before children this is bound to happen…) (Kindergarteners beat Senpai, 1 – 0.)



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Overall thoughts: Less graphical fancervice this episode, but a lot more jiggling and gainaxing than usual. Seems a decent trade-off. I hope they’ll get both soon.