Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka fanservice review episode 9


Creating a guild with your mom.


This episode has more service than the previous episode thankfully though it’s mainly things like breast bounce and some pantys including a censored panty shot rather than anything major. We do get a new girl introduced in this episode though who does get some of the service for this episode.

While Mamako is busy taking a survey about her experience so far in the game they see a group of monsters heading towards them. Believing this is his chance to not be outdone by her Masato gets ready to fight them before she notices and kills them all off in one attack. Medhi is told this is how all fights are due to how overpowered Mamako is as Medhi realizes her chance to have the spotlight by being the healer won’t happen as no one will ever need healing. As they think about what to do they come across a flyer for an event in which whoever gets to the top of the tower gets any wish they want and Masato decides he will use that wish so he can become stronger.

After getting to the town where the tower is located they are surrounded by various mothers all saying something about how their kids rebelled against them and ran away and ask for them to help find them. They see Shirase’s dead body nearby and decide to revive her so they can ask her what is going on as Medhi runs to be the one to do it so she can be useful. Shirase tells them that the mothers also asked her for help but she couldn’t do anything because she isn’t a player. She also had nothing to do with the tower event and so she wants to investigate it as well with the others as they head to the tower. The whole multifloor tower in a town thing makes me want a remake of Azure Dreams which had the exact same setup along with town building and waifu dating. Too bad if konami ever were to do it they would probably just turn it into a pachinko machine or mobile game.


They head to enter the tower as Masato worries that when they reach the top Mamako might ruin their wish they get like Wise predicts. Shirase tells them that the tower is known for being hard and impossible for someone to complete on their own and requires a large party to succeed. After entering they encounter monsters that Mamako won’t let them attack as the monsters become friends with her and let them pass as they continue on.


They reach a section that has a bunch of traps which grant either benefits or punishments to those who step on them. After getting their hp restored and gifted an escape key from two of them they decide to start stepping on more. Wise steps on a spell book square which seals her magic while Shirase tells Mamako to step on the spring square which ends up shooting her up to the next floor as Shirase tells the others to follow her as it’s a shortcut (Seriously this is Azure Dreams as that game has invisible traps on the floor which do various effects including a spring one that launches you up a floor). During this scene we see light beams which makes no sense at all. Not only are they censoring something that they shouldn’t need to censor as they have shown it before but two seconds later we see it anyway. This is starting to feel like a forced censorship quota at this point as we see Mamako’s panties uncensored just a few frames later as she is being sent up so there was no need to censor that and feels forced.

After reaching the next area they come across a girl named Amante that tells them she is the leader of group of rebels that rebel against mothers and has already recruited everyone in town. When Amante hears Mamako’s name though she runs away as Mamako has become famous at this point due to her power. She escapes with the rest of her group running away with her saying that Mamako’s party is too small to clear the tower anyway but she still needs to come up with a plan to stop them. Shirase then has Porta use the escape key so they can leave as she has stuff to tell them.

Shirase tells everyone about how someone has been trying to make mothers and their children not get along such as what happened with Wise and Medhi’s moms before and that she suspects Amante the leader of that group is the one behind it. Since the tower requires a big party to clear it she is now getting kids to rebel against their mothers and join her group so that they can have a big enough party to get to the top to win the wish which they probably plan to use for some bad purpose. Shirase says she wants them to get to the top of the tower first and stop Amante from getting the wish first before she does something to ruin the game with it and they agree. They now need to get a large party together to make it through the tower and so Shirase gives them an old building to use as their own personal guild so they can recruit more members.

The next day they notice how bad off the building is and they will never get new party members with it looking like that. They decide they will repair it and since Porta can craft they just need to get her materials and she can fix the place up. Shirase also gives everyone a maid costume to get started as a gift for starting their guild up. They decide to split up with Mamako and Wise staying to clean while everyone else goes to buy materials to repair the place.

Mamako practices her spanking skills she uses on those that cum before her.


Both Mamako and Wise are cleaning the place up when they hear the door ring and go to answer it expecting it to be Masato back with the others back from shopping.

While shopping at what appears to be a costco they see Amante is there as well. Medhi uses this time to mock her and her inability to not fall down. Amante uses this the reveal to them that she has already sent an assassin to their guild while they aren’t there to destroy it. None of them are worried about it though since Mamako is there and they know she is strong enough to handle it as they get ready to pay and leave. Wise then teleports to the store and tells everyone that something has happened that Mamako can’t take of by herself as they rush back to the guild as the episode ends.



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A small amount of service this week but at least it was better than last which had none. Really odd that they decided to censor the Mamako panty shot when we not only saw similar stuff on Amante but in previous episodes we would see Wise’s pantys plenty of times also. And then there is the fact that seconds later we see a close up of Mamao’s pantys as she is being sent up. Either they know that everyone watching the show mainly cares about Mamako that they are censoring her specifically to sell BDs. Or japanese censorship has some weird panty limited number that you are allowed uncensored on tv and they have to pick and choose what scenes they use that limited number on. Kind of strange how while it’s usually lolis that get censored the most in shows it seems like here they are taking every effort to censor the milf the most.

The event in japan in which the BD version of episode 2 and 3 were shown has ended some hours ago but have yet to see anything 100 percent concretely confirming nudity yet or not. Considering it was shown at a store it’s possible the crowd wasn’t some major large thing and even then we have to hope at least one of the people there take it upon themselves to at least say something about it online. I have gathered some information and such so far from it which I’ll post pics of in the comments so you can make of it what you will but so far we don’t have anything proving absolutely one way or another. Though if what I have found is to be believed and is interpreted correctly we may be leaning towards goods news with Wise nudity potentially being confirmed (but no Mamako sadly) but like I said not anything concrete yet. I’ll post it in the comments and you can be the judge. Hopefully we get some kind of definite information about it in the next few days like a japanese website doing a news article about it to maybe shill the BD perhaps. So until then the contents of the BD are still in the air for now other than these statements by those in japan.

This episode seemed to be mainly focused on setting up who is probably going to be the final boss/last problem of the show that they need to solve which is getting everyone to stop rebelling against their mothers and stop Amante from what she has been doing to encourage it. Next week seems to be the part with Mamako in her maid outfit so I assume we should be getting something there service related. The 3rd volume doesn’t seem like it has a lot of service in it based on some illustrations in it though. There is at least one showing Medhi and Wise in their underwear so I suppose we will have that seen at some point whatever the context is. Only 3 episodes left so let’s hope they find ways to get nudity potential in these last few episodes.

This episode reminds me of Azure Dreams way too much. As much as I like the game it did enrage me for one aspect and if you played it you know what. The glasses girl is considered pretty by everyone when she isn’t wearing her glasses. What’s worse if you take her to the pool after you unlock it she doesn’t wear them which causes people to not recognize her and freak out. I would be duct taping those back on her face. Even in pools you keep those on. Don’t break my commandment. Also random unrelated thing holy shit Deadly Premonition 2 announced. Clearly it is because of my reference I did back in Isekai last year in one of the episodes obviously.