Kenja no Mago: Fanservice Review Episode 11

Since the war wasn’t coming…

they decided to go to the war by themselves.

Last time we had left Shin and his companions making a dramatic flight out of the Kingdom’s capital. They are rushing out to save a neighbour state from the Demonoid army born in the (former) Empire.

(Must say, I appreciate both the front and the rear view…) (Yeah, Maria is still irked because she’s the only one not getting lovey dovey…)


When they arrive at their destination, and despite the brave resistance of the defenders, things are swiftly going south and therefore Shin unleashes his “Ultimate Magicians” on the Demonoid-ridden city, while he goes around blasting away everything that doesn’t seems human.

(You can tell he is a Schtrom’s henchman because he spews loser’s lines.) (They run so well because their chests are more aerodynamic. It’s science.) (Someone called her a loli.) (Someone has jumped on the bandwagon of being the main character of a shonen show.)


Shin’s companion can more or less handle themselves. Beating down these Demonoid “weaklings” is a cinch and the support squad manages to keep safe the surviving population. In the meantime Aug and Maria stumble on the Demonoid head honcho, which proves to be just slightly more powerful than the rest, with the main accomplishment of providing us with a bit of Maria-related fanservice.

(Shame the first one asking her out is a Demonoid oaf.) (And he doesn’t like to take ‘no’ as an aswer…) (…interesting point of view…) (Turns out the granparents where there the whole time, watching over the fledglings…)


In the end, the Demonoids’ big guns (Miria and then Schtrom) approach the battlefield, swearing to fight Shin with the more sucker’s lines they could even come up.

(I give up, this guy talks like the average mid-boss of a cliché RPG.)



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Overall thought: This was an action episode that was actually quite good… as an action episode. But since we are here to check fanservice… at least they could’ve put some temporary wardrobe tearing on Maria’s clothes or something. Let’s just say that they could’ve done better.