Tejina-senpai: Fanservice Review Episode 10

Summer means beach episode!

Finally… I was expecting it for like one month already.

The Magic Club finally manages to arrive on the beach to get their coveted vacation, and Senpai for whatever reason is proud of showing off her new swimsuit she packed full of props for magick tricks (you guess where she may have stuffed ’em). But beach means swimsuits and swimsuits means wardrobe malfunctions, so this is the time when Mother Nature proves her amazing power!

(Ass check!) (Boobs check!) (All clear!) (Ma-kun seems like an excellent air mattress.) (Good job, Mother Nature.) (Don’t get it wrong, she’s just picking up a jar of magic sand she had stored there.) (Have I already said Senpai is scared of balloons? Also, I’m not sure why Saki had them at hand.) (Of course, balloons are meant to explode at some point.)


A while later, Assistant-kun is wandering along the seashore and finds Madara-san (the head of the Chemistry Club). One thing lead to another and he invites her to where the Magic Club is having its outing, just in time for the classic watermelon-splitting game. Also, it should be noted that, like all the bookish girls Madara-san is afraid of thots and therefore doesn’t like Saki-san. Anyway, since finding your way around with a blindfold on can be considered a magic trick, dangers befall the whole group when Senpai joins the game.

(She’s kinda cute, in her own way.) (Will not happen.) (First contestant Ma-kun. Failed.) (I like that Ma-kun goes against the cliché of the siscon little brother.) (Second contestant Madara-san. Failed.) (Third contestant, Senpai.) (Four hits, four kills. Failed.)


Lastly, the trip closes down with the classic fireworks scene on the beach, that Senpai manages to screw up again since she and fire are really a bad combination. Luckily Madara-san got some (of the more tame) fireworks in her bag and saves the day. Why her grandma forces her to go around with fireworks in her bag is still a mystery, though.

(Don’t let her near the fire!) (Nevermind, they are doomed…) (Foreseeable.) (Please, don’t throw romantic curve balls in my ecchi anime.)



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Overall thoughts: Now we’re only missing only the onsen episode. Keep it up!