One Room Fanservice Review Episodes 1-4

Ready to self-insert?

This may or may not be a bit of a different type of viewing experience for some of you. One Room, requires the viewer to inject themselves into the show. If you’re familiar with the recent Ani Tore! series then it’s the same thing. The main character face view is what you’ll be seeing for the majority of this short form anime. However, fear not you’ll be getting a few service angles as well.

Anyhow, this short based anime is broken up into three parts. We have three female heroines which include; Yui Hanasaka, Natsuki Momohara, and Moka Aoshima. Each female will be getting 4 episodes to themselves. This is very similar to Seiren from this season if you’re watching or following my reviews for that show. These first 4 episodes were dedicated to, Yui Hanasaka. Yui, literally plays the role of girl next door.  She’s sweet, innocent, and quite the cutie too. The miniature plot we’re given here is that she desires to attend the same university as her male neighbor (AKA, our self-insert). Yui, has a long ways to go in order to attend this school and requires our help.  Within our one room the studying adventure begins.

Finally, let’s talk service here. Remember that this is a short form anime so don’t expect a whole lot. We’ll start with the classic thigh highs. I’d personally say that, Yui, has quite the luscious thighs in general. You’ll get a decent shot of them in a bath scene too. Within that bath scene you get some nice midriff and get to see just how large her bust is too. If you’re a fan of the nape well you’re in luck here. Whoever directed this really enjoys their nape service. Besides all that enjoy Yui just being a cutie pie!

Episode 1 caps and stitches.


Episode 2 caps and stitches.


Episode 3 caps and stitches.



Episode 4 caps and stitches.

Yes, you can stay with me for forever!


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Next post will be covering, Natsuki Momohara. She plays the role of the imouto. So, get ready for fun with, Onii-chan!