Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon Episode 2 Fanservice Review

+1 to harem

Continuing a set of reviews that began like three months ago, which means I’m right on schedule. In the last episode Noir acquired a set of overpowered abilities that more or less ensures he’ll never be in danger, so long as he can manage that power appropriately.

How does he manage that power, you might ask? By gaining life points. How does he gain life points? By indulging in acts of eroticism. You put two and two together and you have a convenient excuse for a lewd ecchi comedy. In this episode, Noir goes to the adventure guild and adds to his growing harem. but not before some r&r with his cute sister.

This is Lola.

Lola is best girl.

You can disagree. but you would be wrong. Best girl is skeptical that Noir is as powerful as he claims to be, and makes a wager to test his knowledge. If he answers correctly, then she will flash her panties while calling him master. Sounds reasonable.

Lola of course delivers on her promise, as a best girl would do. Noir gains lifepoints here for a successful erotic encounter.


Noir goes on a dungeon trip soon after leaving the guild, and winds up getting a headache after using his clairvoyant powers. The way to alleviating those headaches are…you probably know by now, erotic stuff. Busty childhood friend to the rescue to satiate those needs.

Busty childhood friend, Emma Brightness, is clearly not wearing any panties in this shot. Going commando is apparently her thing.

Noir will continue these makeout sessions under the premise of alleviating headaches, even though he’s mastered a skill that lessens the severity already. What a G.

Naturally, Emma is threatened by the new best girl Lola and they don’t get along. Time will tell who wins Noir’s heart..yeah right, who actually thinks this show will end with a conclusive pairing.

Emma and Noir go off on an adventure and encounter a giant evil rabbit with three horns. I guess.

Noir, nor Emma, are strong enough to beat this thing. They need more power. How do they acquire more power? You can guess.

Emma’s great ass nearly changed my ironclad stance on Lola being best girl. Nearly. But I remain steadfast in that declaration.

At the time of writing, I’m current with this anime and have captured media for every episode so far. This is a very funny show, and the ecchi is surprisingly not repetitive for a non-nude ecchi. It goes a liiiitle further than I expected, as you’ll see in the next review.

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