Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi fanservice review episode 11


Reaching the end.


We get the Blade revenge this week but it doesn’t feel anywhere on the level of what episode 2 gave for Flare and not only that it feels fairly short. Guess they needed to save that time so they could give us more Flare/Setsuna threesomes for the 100th time. Also a bunch of differences between the WN, manga, and anime I’ll point out. Seriously this is the longest post with text for the show so far so skip all the reading if you are only after the pictures instead of adaption comparisons.


Continuing from the previous episode, Keyaru uses heal on Blade to look through her memories when she is passed out and learns that Norn is planning on starting her operation in 3 days. He then takes Blade to an abandoned house. She wakes up and sees where she is at but is unable to move due to him having broken her legs and as such she is unable to get to her sword to heal herself. Now to start a long amount of explanations about changes here and hope I don’t forget any.

So to start with the WN and manga handle Blade passing out differently. Last week seemed like it was following the WN at first but here we see they are doing their own thing. For starters in the WN Blade passes out twice and in the manga once and this has to do with various things done to here in these two that don’t happen here. In the manga version Keyaru cuts off her fingers while she is trying to reach for her sword like in the previous episode. He does this during his interrogation of her about what she did to the other girls and ensures that by cutting her fingers off she will never use a sword again. The blood loss and pain from this results in her passing out as he wraps her in a bag and takes her to this place. The WN however does more and adds some more plot elements.

In the WN she passes out after puking from touching his dick. When she wakes up is when he tortures her by cutting off her fingers leading to her passing out again from that. He then puts her in a bag and then changes his appearance to look like her. He does this so that if anyone sees him they will think nothing of it since everyone knows she is a murdering rapist so if anyone sees her walking around with a bag filled with a body they will think it is her usual behavior. Also before leaving her place he takes any gems, gold, and other valuables mentioning that since she is from a noble family she has a lot of money and she won’t be needing it after she is dead so he takes it for himself along with her sword before heading to the deserted house.

At this point there are some other changes as well. In the WN we see him poison the thugs from earlier before waking her up while here and in the manga she just wakes up normally.

Since they toned down how evil Blade really is in the anime that probably influenced the decision to cut a lot of his revenge against her down. The finger cutting and being kicked around she completely deserved because of the amount of innocent girls she has killed but in the anime they don’t even imply she is killing any so they probably toned down her punishment as a result.¬†Another thing that is mentioned in both the manga and WN is the stuff Blade did to him. In the WN he just talks about it in his head but in the manga he brings this up during a scene that is manga only and this scene feels like a nice addition that the manga did. Here is the WN part where he also brings up how he won’t use a potion on her since he doesn’t want her to feel any pleasure and wants her to be in pain the whole time.

In the manga after she wakes up she sees him in his Keyaru form and asks why he is doing this as he tells her about all the stuff she did to him in the previous timeline including things like making him cross dress and jerk off in front of her. He then explains how he used the philosopher’s stone to redo time and how he is finally getting his revenge on her. He also brings up how he was glad she turned out to be a shitty person even in this timeline since without that he wouldn’t be able to justify his revenge.

Shame they didn’t have this scene since it kind of made his revenge feel more complete since letting the person know about it at least let’s him have the satisfaction of knowing that they know he is the one that ultimately killed them. I guess they figured it wasn’t worth including since technically in this timeline she never got to do the things she did to Keyaru so her knowing he specifically is the one getting revenge wouldn’t have that much of a poetic ending to her even with him explaining it to her I guess. Though she did try and rape him when he was a girl but her main crimes were how she raped innocent girls and killed them in this timeline so they probably figured it wasn’t too important to let her know he was the one finally stopping her.

As Blade pleads for forgiveness she tries to tell him that she would had let him go if he said to stop so he should do the same for her. He doesn’t believe her and instead tells her they will play a game and if she can survive until the morning he will let her go. He brings out the thugs from the previous episode and tells her he has given them a potion that makes them both hungry and aroused at the same time and their behavior is based on which is stronger. So she must keep the guys aroused more so than their hunger otherwise they will give in to their hunger and eat her. She attempts to do this while they at the same time chew at her while Keyaru watches. He eventually changes his appearance into Flare to mock her which results in Blade losing the will to live and giving up as she is eaten by the men. Keyaru knows she has finally died after her sword changes back into the default orb form as he takes it and leaves knowing his revenge on her is done.

A lot to bring up here as well. For starters a lot are probably disappointed in what we got here as the manga version certainly seemed better and the length of this in general was short. On top of which the gore was toned down majorly with the scenes of Blade being bitten and flesh ripped off being substituted with Keyaru eating his food which is why they probably did this so they could imply it without showing it. Some of the sex acts were kind of implied with this as well such as her sucking dick and giving handjobs to the others being replaced with how Keyaru held his food as he was eating. They also kind of ruined Blade’s behavior during this. The manga shows it the most but it is implied in the WN as well. So to start off with I’ll post the whole scene from the WN which is also really short but most of the scenes in the WN are.

Even though the scene is not detailed in the WN it does tell you that she actually put up a good fight surprising him with how long she lasted. The WN pretty much is vague in a lot of the scenes which grants the various adaptions such as the manga, LN, and anime freedom to do more with it. In the anime adaption the scene feels really short and we don’t really get the determination of Blade in this. The few parts of her attempting to seduce the men feel reluctant and not with too much effort making it not really match up to her lasting a surprising amount like in the WN. Instead she seems to become broke and just let’s the men rape her instead till she eventually gives up all together after seeing Keyaru look like Flare. Interestingly the part about changing into Flare is in the manga but not the WN. So adapting that part was a good idea since forcing her to think Flare is watching her further adds to his revenge. Also the anime just seems to ignore what happens to the men as Keyaru just leaves them down there eating the rest of her body as he leaves while the WN mentions that he kills them himself after.

The manga version of this scene plays out much more graphically than the anime does. For one we actually see Blade put the effort in to keep the men aroused as she pushes one of the guys down and gets on top while asking another to fuck her in the ass and sucks the third guy’s dick. The scene really seemed much better than what we got here. These are some of the parts of it..

What we got in the anime barely even compares as we are simply given a broke Blade really fast that just lays there as she is raped. Due to how vague the WN is it really gave them some liberties to take but it feels like they just wanted to rush through the scene as fast as possible. It’s better than what they did with Leonard’s scene but considering how bad that was that’s not saying much. The next major scene we are going to get is Norn and though her’s isn’t anywhere near as bad as Blade’s who knows what they could tone down from that.

Also the manga at this point after the Blade stuff has a filler chapter of some regular harem stuff where they go shopping for new underwear. The main service from this chapter is just Flare and Setsuna content which we don’t need more of so them not including this isn’t that big of a deal.

Also in the WN at this point Keyaru thinks about the information he got from looking into Blade’s memories and how the town will be attacked in 3 days. The removal of this scene and the important thing he brings up really reminds you of how they altered Keyaru’s personality in the anime as this important detail is going to come into play later. A detail which I brought up last week that they skipped past as well.

Keyaru wants Karmen to die so he can justify his revenge. A point he made previously about how he specifically wanted to make a friend in the city so he could let them die to give himself justification to act.

Keyaru and the others go to meet Karman who gives him his earnings as part of their deal. While he is there Hawkeye suddenly appears behind him complimenting the strong potions. He then asks Keyaru if he would be interested in joining them in the kingdom since his talents could be useful. He turns him down and when Hawkeye asks about why Keyaru was spying on them earlier in the previous episode Keyaru instantly reacts to grab his weapon which Hawkeye compliments him for doing at the slightest sense of malice. He then says that regardless of what he is doing he should be careful to not do anything that could lead to misunderstandings as he buys some potions and leaves. Setsuna warns Keyaru about how strong she senses Hawkeye as being and that he couldn’t win in a fight against him as Keyaru agrees. Karman asks why he turned down the offer as Keyaru says he would rather stay working with someone he likes such as him.

In terms of the WN this scene is pretty much the same as the anime used the WN version for this. But the manga variation is where things are altered significantly. As mentioned before the manga adaption replaced Karman with a dog girl cafe owner and as a result that is reflected in this scene. The manga’s version of this has everyone at the cafe eating the cake there that Keyaru wanted to show them as they talk with the cafe owner. Hawkeye also happens to be in the cafe and when he makes a comment about the cake with the intention of getting Keyaru’s attention he jumps up ready to fight just like he does here. Hawkeye then tells him he is looking for Blade who has disappeared and he figured that Keyaru might know something since he seems to be good at investigating in reference to having seen him spying on them when they arrived. Keyaru tells him he knows nothing as Hawkeye leaves giving him a warning to not do anything suspicious. This version kind of was more interesting as it sort of implies that Hawkeye had already figured out that Keyaru had something to do with Blade’s disappearance which helps add to how dangerous Hawkeye really is. Kind of wish they had adapted at least that part into the anime version instead of just leaving it at the potion buying like in the WN.

Later Keyaru decides to finally make a pact with the divine arms he took from Blade. After completing the contract he is given a new weapon that is designed to suit his abilities. The anime doesn’t really go into the details here so they might be saving it for later but the WN does. His powers he gains from this new weapon are two primarily which are..

So he is now able to heal instantly even without casting the spell himself (should had went for the premium auto-regan, auto-haste, auto-protect, auto-shell, auto-reraise to be exceptionally broken). He also now has the ability to use his destruction healing without the need to touch the person in order for it to work. However the length is only around a meter so it’s still limited but does give him more range. After this he comes back to the room where the others are waiting as he has now been fully aroused from his new power.


After Keyaru comes back after obtaining his new weapon Georgius he decides to fuck Both Flare and Setsuna while Eve has to watch and hear.

This show has somehow managed to make the idea of sex scenes every episode boring something which requires a large effort to actually accomplish. Maybe it should be praised for that because this takes some kind of special wizardry to make sex every episode this repetitive. It’s not even anything different either it’s the same positions we have already seen them fucked in before as well. Constant threesomes are fine when it’s actually different people in them each time instead of literally the same 2 girls for multiple episodes. You know what is worse though? This is after they already removed another Flare/Setsuna scene right before this one so it could had been even worse. In the WN Keyaru actually finishes fucking both of them first and gets the idea to get his divine arms then after and tells them to wait for him. After getting his new powers he decides he wants to fuck again but since he already just did it with both of them he thinks it wouldn’t be possible till saying screw it and decides to do it anyway.

So we actually could had ended up with two threesomes featuring Flare and Setsuna here which I don’t doubt they wanted to do but only didn’t because they had no way to fit it in or find other content they could remove to give them the time. Rather than make Blade’s scene longer they instead just had to give us more of the same content again after again last episode and again the previous episode and again the previous episode and fuck I’m dead.

After this is where a bunch of stuff is skipped that is in the WN. Even the manga skips these scenes which does make Keyaru’s plan less thought out due to this preparation being skipped over. In the WN during the days prior to Norn’s attack Keyaru thinks about entering the kingdom’s main command center while looking like Blade but since it had been a day since her vanishing he figures it would be too much of a risk so he decides to use the appearance of a soldier whom he killed earlier that day instead. Skipping this scene is disappointing since it is funny reading it but considering how they have toned down Keyaru’s personality in this they probably would had altered it anyway.

After this he sneaks into the place with the intention of poisoning the wine and plans it out to ensure the poison takes effect while the main battle is happening. It really helps show how much planning he does into his actions which is something the anime cuts out most the time.

So he plans on making everyone shit themselves in the middle of the battle to weaken them. Since as he said earlier these are elite knights and fighting them head on would be a risk so he is doing this to weaken them. There is also another significant thing that is brought up here as well concerning Hawkeye.

He isn’t just doing this to weaken the troops but also Hawkeye after realizing that the only weakness he has is how tiring using his powers must be so he needs to exploit this by forcing him to work extra hard and while suffering from the poison himself. In short it really gives you an idea on how strong he is and how he is the most dangerous opponent Keyaru has faced so far. He mentions earlier when getting his divine arms that he needs it in order to even stand a chance against him and that also applies to this poison as well. In other words Hawkeye is so strong the only way to possibly have a chance at winning requires having both a divine arms and weakening him first as fighting him at his full power would be too difficult. Since neither the anime or manga contains these scenes it lessens the threat Hawkeye presented to a degree since the WN makes it clear Keyaru can’t face him at full power and needs to do something to up his odds.

The day of Norn’s plan arrives and after discussing that Blade is still missing they decide they will still go along with the plan. The others stay in a building watching what is about to happen while Norn goes to address the people. Norn tells everyone they have come to save the people from the demons who control them and liberate the city. The people yell at her to leave and that they are happy living together with the demons and they have no place to tell them what to do when the kingdom abandoned them so long ago. During this someone from the crowd runs up to try and attack Norn as Hawkeye knocks him out. The anime doesn’t really make this clear but in the manga a similar thing happens and the guy is actually one of her soldiers meant to serve as a false flag hence Hawkeye not killing him. Norn upon seeing this uses it as evidence that the humans are brainwashed by the demons and that in order to save them they need to kill all the demons and brainwashed humans.

The WN and manga do things differently here though more so in the manga. In the WN Norn’s speech is the same but there is no false flag and she instead uses all the people yelling at her to leave as proof that the humans are brainwashed and need to be purged. In the manga however she first tells everyone in the city that the lord of the city had been making a deal with the demons and betrayed them as the people refuse to believe it. She then takes out the lord’s head and shows everyone announcing that she had him killed first because he was working with the demons. In both the WN and anime the lord simply refuses to work with them while here they kill him and use him as an example. Another change is that one of Norn’s soldiers are in the crowd and upon being given the signal he starts instigating the crowd to fight back thus giving Norn justification to start her attack. The anime semi adapts this idea with the dagger guy trying to attack her.

Norn orders her knights to kill all the demons and brainwashed humans resulting in everyone getting slaughtered. During this Keyaru sees Karman killed by one of the soldiers from his window as he runs to him. When he gets to his body he says how Karman was his first friend in the city and so it is now time for him to take revenge on the knights and Norn as well having now been made certain she was the one that had his village attacked.

A bunch of changes here as well as Keyaru in the anime being different from the WN in terms of his behavior. So to start with the manga adaption of this part is obviously different because of Karman not existing in the manga. Instead as the soldiers start to kill everyone Keyaru sees the dog girl cafe owner in the crowd just before a soldier kills her by slashing her. This sets Keyaru in a rage as he thanks Norn for finally giving him a reason to want revenge against her.

The WN does things differently here. I mentioned this in a previous episode but something present in the WN is Keyaru’s revenge counter where he counts up how many points someone has gotten and doesn’t take action until it reaches a certain amount. This is one of the personality changes with Keyaru they really seem to ignore in order to make him seem more heroic I guess. I brought this up earlier in this post and last week but in the WN Keyaru makes it clear he only wants a friend so they can die so he can justify going apeshit later. This is the only purpose he wanted Karman for. The manga replaces Karman with the dog cafe owner and her death is what triggers Keyaru to finally start acting but even that still seems to not bring up that he wanted it to happen. The anime doesn’t really make it that obvious that Keyaru doesn’t give a shit about Karman dying either mainly because they never brought up his plan of letting it happen. To give you an idea here is the part from the WN.

This is something about Keyaru’s personality that was toned down. You can pretty much tell from this that Keyaru is simply faking outrage over the slaughter so he can justify doing what he wants. He stands there watching as others are killed even though he has the power to prevent it simply because he wants more people to be killed as he starts counting their deaths and insincerely acting like it bothers him when he is really just waiting for a quota to be met so he can start his revenge. Then when Karman dies he lets lose with the crocodile tears.

In other words he is willing to let innocents die as collateral so he can make himself look like a tragic hero and then use this as justification for revenge. Instead of fighting the knights by default as attempted murder would be more than enough convincing for other main characters to start acting he instead wants to wait for it to become actual murder as he has a revenge fetish and wants to suffer so he can justify making others do the same. Some people might be fine with removing this aspect about him as the anime and to some degree manga makes him more hero like at times but having a main character that is insane to this level would make for something unique. But I guess they decided it was too much for the viewers which is why throughout the show they tone him down in various aspects.


Keyaru is approached by knights after finding Karman dead and gets ready to fight them. After killing them he then starts to run around the city to kill all the others since he now has the justification he wanted to go on a killing spree.

Another part that is changed around a lot in the WN and manga. The anime takes a semi hero approach with him fighting the knights while the manga actually goes full on¬†shounen tier with the battle which I kind of liked more. So to start with in the WN this part is much shorter but also an important detail is brought up that isn’t relevant to the anime or manga due to a previous skipped scene. When Karman is killed Keyaru and the others remain inside but do start to go along with their plan now that he has the justification for it. The problem he brings up though is that Norn started the attack earlier than he expected and as a result his make people shit potion hasn’t had enough time to take effect so they can’t do much yet. So in the meantime they are hiding in the basement to buy time while also noting that even though the city has an army of their own they probably won’t fight back against the kingdom let alone wont be strong enough. Keyaru then asks Flare to help him with something so they can buy enough time till the poison takes effect.

The manga version of this scene has everyone outside in the crowd when the attack starts and when the dog cafe owner is killed that is when both Keyaru and Setsuna start to fight back killing all the knights. This gets the attention of Hawkeye who starts shooting into the crowd at Keyaru and ordering the archers on the roofs to start shooting as well. During this Eve shows up and starts attacking the buildings with her magic powers blowing them up and killing the soldiers while Keyaru and Setsuna continue to fight. This goes on until Flare appears in person to talk causing everyone to stop fighting to listen.

So each of the 3 works approach this differently. The WN has Keyaru taking a more safer approach knowing how strong the knights are and instead using cunning to carry out his plan first, the anime takes a semi less dramatic effect the manga does by having Keyaru fight but not make a fancy show of it, while the manga does an all the characters fight and work together large scale battle with explosions and flashing lights type thing which I kind of wish they had did with the anime as well as it makes characters like Eve show their usefulness.

Back with Norn who has retreated to the safety of the building she mentions that the lord of the city refuses to surrender and won’t work with them still. She says it doesn’t matter as she can find other replacements and will just have him killed instead. She then receives a report that the purging is going along fine except that a lone swordsman has appeared and is wiping the troops out. In the WN the report is about the soldiers feeling sick instead since Keyaru doesn’t go out to fight and instead the poison is starting to work. Norn gives the orders to call for backups and to use them to find and capture whoever the swordsman is. After this she hears Flare’s voice outside and sees a large holograph of her has appeared and is addressing the city as the episode ends.



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The longest post I did of the show so far because of all the changes. However it feels like at this point the story is the main thing it has going for it now. The Blade scene was a letdown compared to what we got with the manga and after episode 2 we have still not gotten an episode comparable when it comes to the extremity of it. They kept the finger breaking in ep2 yet the finger cutting scene here wasn’t included. The brutality and overall sexual content for Blade just felt way weaker when you consider what they were willing to leave for Flare. The short length of the scene didn’t do it any favors either. And of course we just had to get more Flare and Setsuna scenes slammed in our face again. There is nothing special about their scenes at all at this point and I’m sick of seeing them. It’s gotten to a point that figuring out which scene belongs to which episode will actually be a tricky question if you were shown them later on because they all just feel the same now.

So far this is probably going to be my main and only real issue with the show when it ends and that is this complete lack of variety and the repetitiveness of the service. The show was fine during the first half when were were getting something new constantly but now the second half seems to keep 95 percent of it’s service to the same two characters and doesn’t even try to make that service feel fresh each time either. Next week we will finally get Norn’s content but how much can we really expect. Will they trim that down some in order to give us more Flare and Setsuna content again x 100? Next week has at least two main service scenes we could and should get. The first thing they will have to get through is the Hawkeye fight which will probably be the show’s final battle but how much time they dedicate to it could be short.

After that we will get to Norn’s revenge which could be good if they don’t ruin it but there could be some issues. Considering Norn’s age and such they could very well tone this down a lot. Based on what we have seen toned down already for other characters I can’t put too much hope in them willing to keep a loli’s content alone. Maybe we will get lucky and they actually go through with it to make the final episode the best so far but I’m not going in expecting much. There is also a threesome scene with Norn and Setsuna we should keyword there should get. The episode title implies the show will end with everyone leaving the city and this threesome scene occurs right before that. Keyaru makes Norn get fucked alongside with Setsuna and even makes them kiss in order to try and eliminate her hate for demi humans. Since they kept her hate of them in they have the ground work for this scene in place. Of course they could just eliminate this and make it another Flare/Setsuna scene to meet their repetitive quota for the episode. There is also a chance they will do something original and make it a foursome instead but who knows.

Final episode next week and hopefully they make it have some service variety in large amounts which the show really needs now. Also hopefully the site won’t go down again so the post isn’t delayed. Though this did allow me to do a bigger comparison this week thanks to the extra time.

This post is insanely long. Like as I’m typing right now the word count is around 5400. The post is as many words as the number of Flare and Setsuna threesomes this show forces onto us. Just going to say it but episode 1 was the best one to me and never again did the show match it. Then again that would be obvious for me because it featured reverse rape and older women.