Isekai Maou season 2 gets a second pv


Magic is everything season 2.


A new second PV has been released for the second season of Isekai Maou which airs next season.




I posted some examples of stuff we should be getting in season 2 from the LNs and manga back in the previous announcement post around a year ago but here are some others as well that have occurred in the manga since then.



Since season 2 has a new studio compared to season 1 it’s harder to really predict what to expect in terms of service and how they will show the various scenes we should be getting. Like I mentioned last time and showed in the first pv post the recently released volume version at the time of the manga which was volume 12 finally added nudity to a scene which was censored in the magazine version. No way to really gauge if that could mean anything but volume 13 of the manga recently came out now and there were no nudity changes to it sadly but there wasn’t really any place it could be added in for that volume anyway.

Will be curious how they handle that previous nude scene when we reach it in the anime but not getting hopes up yet. Same thing goes for other scenes we will be reaching in the anime such as the orgy scene. Around the 49 second mark in the pv we actually see what looks to be the part where Horn is saving Rem who is captured and forced to watch during that orgy scene so we at least know that will be in there. But as to what we get to see is the question and hopefully they don’t change it to something else.

Season 2 starts airing on April 8th at 1:28am in japan. There is also another airing at 2am on another station. Nothing from other stations have been announced yet as of this post to see what other airings there might be. Hopefully the late night airings for it though implies some good things service wise for them to decide to air it so late. For comparison season 1 aired at 9:30pm so this is a pretty notable change time slot wise for season 2. We will know in a month if that later airing pays off.

Going to be odd doing those posts though after having just finished something like Healer as my previous posts as everything is going to feel lesser in comparison to that. Will be funny if this show does go all out and add nudity of everyone in but I doubt it. Would at least help it not be completely overshadowed by Healer the season before though. Also I wonder how many get the “magic is everything” reference I do in so many post titles that involve magic. Reinhardt finally got a Resplendent form in Fire Emblem Heroes resulting in me finally spending money on a mobile game to get it. Only thing now is for him to get a refine and for Nintendo to remake Thracia 776 and make him the main character instead.¬†