Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon Episode 8 Fanservice Review

+1 to harem

This episode is an excuse to provide loli fanservice, which is otherwise not present throughout the season. She’s a cutie.

This is a forest spirit who has taken the form of a loli, for whatever reason. She begs Noir for help in killing a venomous insect that are poisoning her roots.

And no one believes you Noir.

the tree spirit appears to be aware of her forbidden sex appeal, and flaunts it at every opportunity.

These items will help Lola win her competition against the megaslut Sarah.

Lola wins, Sarah loses, the guild is restored of its honor (not really) and Noir receives some kinky foot service from his sister. Everyone is happy!

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Probably the most fanservice heavy episode of the season. Don’t expect boundaries to be pushed any further than this.