Overflow fanservice review episode 4


Studying with best girl.


After the previous two episodes only gave us around a minute and a half of extra content in the r18 version we finally go back to a longer amount with around 2 minutes and 30 seconds of extra content here. This episode is a Kotone episode as well so the extra time was at least spent on the best option.


Kazushi tries to get in contact with Ayane after what happened in the previous episode but she is ignoring all his messages. Kotone then comes over and says that even when she tries to get Ayane to come over as well she refuses and has no idea why. She then asks Kazushi to help her with studying for exams that are coming up.

After studying for a bit, Kotone starts to act strange towards Kazushi as he notices she ate a bunch of chocolate candy that had alcohol in it and she is drunk now. Having no other option he decides to give her the dick.

At this point is when the all ages version gives this image instead.

Meanwhile we get the following for the r18 version.

Stupidly they don’t even make these scenes loopable really so this is the best I could manage when making a webm. They make it like half a suck instead a full one.

The company that makes all these shows must be filled with fanatical religious nuts that think all sex that isn’t missionary is illegal. This pisses me off to no end. I was hoping they would had fixed this part from the manga like they did with previous episodes by expanding content but instead they kept it as stupid as it is which was like one page in the source material. Why the fuck are dominate women not allowed in these shows? All sex in these shows are like 90 percent missionary and 10 percent doggy or a mix of both. Why is a girl on top scene straight up taboo what the fuck. The closest we got was araiya but even that didn’t really count as the thing was like 10 seconds and the entire thing just focused on the girl’s face and then chest for a second.

So we then get this scene where Kotone is about to take control and before she even can they switch ruining it. This is just as bad as when I’m reading a femdom manga and then suddenly the guy overpowers the woman and the femdom is gone. I might as well be eating a pizza and then an evil magician turns it into dogshit while in the middle of eating it which is not what I signed up for. Seriously the fuck is the problem with these shows and not wanting to show aggressive women or certain positions. Maybe the company is now false copyright striking sex positions now and must eliminate them all. The only hope now is that they actually adapt the sick episode with Ayane doing stuff while to him when he is asleep but who knows if they will get that far. So instead all we get is more submissive women till then *puts gun in mouth*

After finishing, Kotone goes to leave while telling Kazushi to make up with Ayane for whatever he did to her. She then tells him to come to the school next week as the sports festival is then and he will have a chance to talk to Ayane there. And with that the episode ends.



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The episode went back to giving a larger amount of extra time in the r18 version but who knows how long this will last. It’s also good to see they gave Kotone the benefit of that extra time. Though I wish they would use this extra time to do more original stuff with it. I already went on my rant in the post but the fact that this episode teases getting what we still have yet to get in these shows fully and then proceed to troll by taking it away annoys me. Doesn’t help that the manga actually showed better angles during this scene than what the anime does. As for what is next the episode pv shows that the next episode will be the scene with Ayane in the locker room next.

Assuming they don’t skip Kotone’s scene again like they did with the titjob chapter then after next week we should get Kotone in the classroom. That will leave 2 episodes left and I really wonder what they will do with those. The chapters following that don’t really make for a satisfying ending the way the Kotone classroom chapter would had. So I’m wondering if they will do something original or will they skip a large amount and try to find two other chapters further down they can attach on at the end to give it a more conclusive ending.

This post is my 250th post. Figures they had to mess this episode up and didn’t do what I wanted in it. Had they actually gave us a scene I wanted it would had been such a fitting 250th post. Had I not been lazy and got my hentai schedule post done than monster girl show would had been 250 instead. I really need to rush to get that done but the schedule posts bore me. Regardless 250 posts by me on the site now is crazy. I think post 200 was not too long ago as well. I’ll probably forget this was 250 when I reach 300 in however months it takes depending on how much I cover.