Ishuzoku Reviewers fanservice review episode 3


Teaching how girls can love other girls.


This episode covers the gender swap brothel which is the focus for the whole episode. They also added a large amount of anime only content to it as well. This as a result ends up being the most extreme content filled episode so far which hopefully means good things for future episodes.


The start of the episode shows a preview of sorts of what happens in the episode. Strangely enough there are a few scenes here that don’t appear when we get to this actual scene in the episode itself.

After hearing some of the other guys in the bar talking about how you need to see things from a woman’s perspective to understand them and what they want it gives Stunk an idea on how they can do that. He suggests they all go to the gender swap brothel where such a thing is possible. When they arrive they are all made to drink a potion which turns them into girls.

After they all get a good look at each other after seeing what each person turned into they decide to examine each other closely. Crim tries to leave but is captured by the receptionist and sent back in.

They think about what they should do first as Stunk suggests going to a women’s bath to look around. Zel then tells them about how some guys used to come here to change into a woman and then prank other guys by confessing to them and fucking them so that in the morning when the potions powers wear off they see they fucked a man so they don’t allow you to leave after using the potion now as a result. They then decide to start looking through the catalog to see who they can order so they can experience being lesbians.

Crim looks through a book and discovers men as an option as he is explained to him about incubus boys and how woman order them sometimes and that there are even rainbow incubus boys which is the term for ones that fuck both genders. Zel also tells him that they have a separate section for woman that take the potion to turn into men and either order men so they can experience being gay or girls if they want to experience that. Also there is the option to select women that turned into men for men that turned into woman to order and the reverse as well. Crim starts to suggest that as the others tell him no and go back to ordering woman.

The women they order show up with Stunk ordering an elf which disgusts the others since they can tell how old she is, Kanchal orders another halfling like himself so he gets a loli, while Zel orders a slime girl which is the most common option for first timers.

After the three of them give their reviews the woman that Crim ordered shows up and they leave. The other girls tell them the hyena girl has a dick just like males and isn’t something new people usually pick. They then start to think how Crim must not had known when he ordered her and will be in for a surprise when he sees the furry dick.

 I am going to mistake Crim for Colette from tales of symphonia.

Crim posts his review along with the others as they all read it and discover that he picked the hyena girl knowing full well she had a dick. Everyone in the bar now knows Crim is willing to fuck both men and women and would make for a perfect rainbow incubus boy. We also get an after credit scene short of Zel with the old woman while he is changed. And with that the episode ends.



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The show is certainly doing things right in the sense of making each episode more filled with service than the previous one. This episode finally made the review sections something significant. This is what annoyed me the most about the previous two episodes and that was each person’s review was like a few seconds and usually contained only one actual scene in the whole thing for each review. This time however each review lasted a noticeable amount longer (though still not as long as I would had liked) and showed multiple different things. So this was the biggest improvement with this episode and I really hope this isn’t a case of them only doing that for this episode because of it being lesbian stuff and they are giving it an unbalanced favoritism towards it and instead give all the future episodes the same treatment with longer reviews.

I don’t care for the whole gender swap fetish so the episode didn’t do anything for me but for those that are into it this is probably the best gender swap episode of any other show that did it before in terms of what you got. Hopefully the content in this episode is a good indicator on what we can expect from the future as there are plenty of opportunities for them to expand on scenes and add extra stuff like they did here. The next episode should be the chance to see if they will considering what chapters it will be. Next episode is the salamander girl which is mainly the whole eating food off a person thing. But the important part is the other chapter which they will be adapting next week as well based on the title and that is the cheap demon girl brothel episode. In that chapter they almost die from all the fucking they have to do so that will provide plenty of scene material for them to add in for the next chapter. So if this episode serves as an example on how far they are willing to go next week should be quite the sight.

They better fill the next episode with a huge amount of reverse rape scenes. The demon girls are crazy for dick so we better get that. Best thing to do is show one of them getting ridden by a demon girl then have it switch to another after a few seconds then another after that and then another till they go through a bunch of different types. That is what I want to see. And they better not make it a pain for me to loop when making webms like so many shows to do. Speaking of which tomorrow should be the main episode of overflow I was waiting for as well so that should hopefully not be ruined either.