Jet Girls Volume 1 BD reduces steam in bathing scenes; other QoL changes

Some positive news for fans of Jet Girls

There were a handful of scenes in Jet Girls where nipples were barely visible because of annoying steam. This was either due to incompetence or to sell an improved Blu-Ray edition with the corrections made later.  Fortunately it was the latter and those scenes have been changed for the better.

Nylon66 was gracious enough to make a post showcasing the before and after changes. You can find such in complete detail here. The images on the left represent the changed version. Right is the old version. I’ll provide a gif of the old version for further comparison as well.


Not sure that untying Jennifer’s hair was necessary. But whatever. Her tits are the main attraction.

Emily’s nipples are darkened in the BD release. Lovers of chocolate goodness rejoice.

doesn’t seem to be any noticeable difference in artwork here. the article says “Kaguya black circle nipple” but it’s hard to make out that difference from the image.

This change means you can now make a clean stitch of Misa’s entire body in the shower. Before there was an annoying jumpcut to her face, like so

There are other minor changes like facial expressions, fixing artwork inconsistencies, color changes and removing the crop from certain scenes. None so important as killing the steam monster.

The BD cover artwork looks cool. And it comes with some bonus goodies that may be of interest to a collector. None more so than a fully colorized Jet Girls manga volume drawn by Haraharu Naruko.

this is already more explicit than anything in the anime. Naruko’s gifts as a hentai artist were largely wasted in the anime. Doesn’t seem like that’ll be the case in the manga. This definitely deserves a full post whenever its fully scanned and uploaded. I’ll be keeping an eye out for that. It may also be worth updating the media in the Jet Girls reviews once the BD has fully released.