Nekopara TV Episode 3 Fanservice Review

More of the usual. Lots of endearing SoL, little titillating fanservice.

Only five webms and 60ish low impact images were produced from this episode. Not great. I’m still enjoying Nekopara for the CGDCT antics. But not for reasons that are related to¬† fanservice which is kinda sorta the foundation upon which this site was built upon.

Shigure wakes up and cannot find the baby neko. You can tell she is an experienced cat owner by where she looks first.

Turns out she was just sleeping on top of a toilet in the bathroom. Meanwhile Chocola and Vanilla have their usual breakfast conversations as they prepare to go to work.

This is all we get from a changing scene. No panties, no cleavage, barely any skin above the knee.

The service highlight for this shot is Coconuts foot. I promise.

Coconuts tities jiggle off screen here. Nekopara is avoiding service like the plague.

Coconut tries to take her shift seriously and stay focused for once. Doesn’t take long for that commitment to go south.

A chance for upskirt here is purposely avoided to keep things rated G. Azuki shows Coconut what a good service worker looks like. Vanilla and Chocola are impressed.

Coconut is not impressed by Azuki’s inability to reach tall shelves and teases her once again.

It is now Maple and Cinnamon’s turn to babysit the baby neko. They introduce her to pastries, tea, reading, jump roping. No wonder she runs away later.

The baby neko is lost. Again. So everyone searches far and wide for her.

Coconut has the bright idea to attract the lost neko with some catnip. Predictably, it just works on them.

Chocola finds the baby neko in the exact same spot they met initially. Chocola is able to convince Master to allow the kid to become a permanent member of their family. All is well again.

This may be my last weekly post for TV Nekopara on fapservice. At least until it gets raunchier, if that ever happens. It’s a solid SoL with attractive designs and an inviting presentation. But there isn’t much to talk about in the service department and this site is all about evaluations of service.

If you are someone that enjoys the service in TV Nekopara and want to see more of these reviews, let me know in the comments. That would give me reason to continue doing them. Otherwise I would get back to finishing the Kiss x Sis OVA review I started months ago, and look towards starting reviews for several other projects I have in mind. Alternatively, I could group multiple episodes into a single post bi-weekly or so.

No matter what happens here, I’ll continue to watch the show and upload gifs to my gfycat profile.

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