Tenshi no 3P! Special Edition Fanservice Review Episode 2 [UPDATED]

It’s about music I swear!


UPDATE1] Unfortunately, NoxBasket deleted her gfycat account after she stopped writing for fapservice. Her WebMs for this review have been re-uploaded to gfycat and the album link has been updated.  In addition, gfycat embed code was updated from an old WordPress plugin to newer Responsive Iframes.  Plus non-fanservice stitches that Nox made and left in the comments but later deleted were added to this review.

Please note that this is a special edition review of episode 02 only of the TV show as it aired and not the BDs.

I made a clean version (without credits) of the stitch from the ED that I had originally made for NoxBasket.  And added a GIF for episode 01 that I had collected.

Last but not least, a big thank you to Shon for having saved a copy of the original webms and being able to track them down after we found out that our copies were missing.


Tenshi no 3P! (or Angel’s 3Piece!) follows a deadbeat teen, Kyo Nukui, who spends his time composing and publishing songs online. One day, he is approached by three orphan girls. They ask him to help them organize a concert in the church they live in. Impressed by these girls, Kyo decides to help them out.

Episode 1 barely has any service. Well…maybe this:

But that’s about it. If anyone cares, I’ll leave other “non-fanservice” stitches and a GIF below.

The episode 2 begins with a bath scene.


Surprisingly the MC doesn’t get beat up or anything. His younger sister instead chooses to bathe with him.

…and also torment him like any other feisty imouto would.

The girls try to find ways to attract audiences when discussing the concert with the MC. They suggest wearing certain outfits during their performance. Hilarity ensues.

What a twist, she’s not wearing anything but panties underneath that apron.

Thanks to ScissorMeTimbers for making this stitch from the ED without any annoying credits.



WebM Album Here

Those with a sharp eye will notice the art looks familiar. Surprise, surprise, the director, Shinsuke Yanagi, also directed Ro-Kyu-Bu! (otherwise known as that “loli basketball” anime). Ro-Kyo-Bu! did have its share of service so it’s no surprise that this show decides to “show off”. I can’t say there will be future reviews, but if the service stands out enough, I might come back to it.