Overflow fanservice review episode 7


Kitchen time.


This episode did something unexpected for these shows. It appears to be fully anime original. Or at least as far as I can tell based on the chapters that have been uploaded so unless there is some missing bonus chapter somewhere or they skipped ahead a huge amount of chapters to a part not uploaded yet then this appears to be all new. The length of the episode is also 2 minutes and 10 seconds longer in the r18 version so they didn’t skimp on the original content either. Looks like the last episode will be Kotone so this might be the last scene with Ayane.


Everyone mentions not having school tomorrow since they get a day off thanks to the sports festival that ended. Kazushi mentions he is done all his stuff as well and so they agree to go somewhere tomorrow as a result. Ayane tells him she will come by in the morning to make lunch for them to take.

You know what would had been better advice? If her friend suggested a threesome with her joining in instead.

In the morning Kazushi wakes up to Ayane making the lunch only to see she is wearing only an apron. She says that one of her friends from school suggested it to her to do for him because he would like it.

After seeing her in that he asks if they can do it as she agrees. In the all ages version you get this image instead..

Then in the r18 version you get..

While in the middle of fucking, Ayane looks out the window and sees a little silhouetto of a man.

People should fuck in synchronization. Had to make two separate ones because halfway through the movement changes thus making it impossible to loop if both are included at once.

After they finish up, Kotone gets there so that they can all leave together as the episode ends.



WebM Album.



Going the anime original route assuming that is what’s happening here is a nice change for these shows. For all of these r18 shows so far they would for the most part follow the source material in terms of content we were given and never gave us something extra deviating from the source. But here it appears they are using the last two episodes to do their own thing which means this gives them the freedom to do some stuff the manga doesn’t or has yet to do. Would love for this to mean one day getting an actual all original r18 show but that probably is too much work so they probably will continue to just adapt stuff instead.

The odd scene of a shadow walking by is strange but don’t think it was a reference to the neighbor since it seems like they are maybe going to ignore that plot point and this would had been the best time to have it occur. As for the final episode the pv image and what they say on twitter gives us an idea on what it’s content will be. The pv image shows Ayane grabbing Kotone’s breasts at a pool type area it seems. The title of the episode is “Fully captivated by sisters” which could maybe imply a threesome with them but the description given on twitter kind of debunks that possibility. The twitter account said the following about the next episode “Thank you for watching the story! The last episode of the forbidden relationship with the sisters that started from the bath is next time! Kotone bikini that came off the water slider. I escaped into the warehouse while hiding my chest … “I’ll be with you again next time!”.

So from the sounds of that it looks like Kotone’s top might fall off while using a waterslide and she runs into a warehouse to escape. Presumably Kazushi will go after her and we will get a scene with her in the warehouse. As for if Ayane will appear and join in who knows but I’m just going to assume it will be a Kotone only scene. Since it looks to be anime original as well there is no telling what we could get from this but hopefully the final episode has the extra extended length that this episode and a few of the others had as well.

Since this is anime original that means they better give us positions the manga has not. I am going to be pissed if they ruin Kotone’s original scene next episode by giving her something we have already seen before in her episodes. Better yet they better give us what none of these r18 shows do and give us a dominate female scene. That would be the best way to end this show.