Ishuzoku Reviewers fanservice review episode 6


Can’t see shit.


I almost had to label this episode non nude. Seriously. Enjoy the first half of the episode while you can as once we reach the second half this post becomes non nude as you get to see everything go to shit. Animation? Who needs animation in an anime? Nudity? Who needs nudity in an ecchi? You are better off reading the manga instead of watching this episode’s adaption of the light brothel as the manga actually provides more service content than the second half of the episode does. And before someone tries to claim “It’s a prank bro it’s a prank” to justify what this episode does no it is not as the manga doesn’t take the joke to this level and I’ll include pics comparing it. In short be happy for the first half of this episode and Meidri service as you are going to need that to make it through the second.


 Woman with a furry in the back.

Everyone is trying to decide where to go next when Meidri suggests just going to a brothel for whatever the next race to walk in is. They agree only for a golem to walk in as they head off to a golem brothel.

They show up and are told they get to build their own girl based on all the parts they have and install a personality.

The one on the far left with twintails wouldn’t be so bad if she had normal eyes like all the others instead of those she has.

After Crim, Stunk, and Zel fail to make something decent after trying for so long they see that Kanchal has made a close replica of Meidri and ask him to make them one too.

There are some slapping type sounds during this despite no movement. Hint for BD or just more laziness by the studio?

A large amount of this were just static images but at least there is some movement as it is about to get way worse soon. Meidri reads the review and is disappointed it wasn’t a bad time like she hoped. When she asks Crim about it he tells her what they did as she attacks everyone.  And with that the episode ends as there is nothing else left. No really. Turn back now. All nudity ends at this point and most of the remaining service this episode is just static images being camera panned. Get ready for disappointment as the manga is better from here on out. You think Queen Bee released hentai is bad? Just wait till you have no animation of the good parts instead of faux animation like they do.

Crim being weak against darkness starts to feel sick because of all the heartless that have arrived as the have nothing else to do now after kingdom hearts 3. He is told that the world of darkness is on holiday so they will be around town for some time and suggests going to a place to get light as they head to a will o wisp brothel.

They arrive and see that the receptionist in charge is covered in light blocking her parts off as she explains that depending on the time and axis the light blocks different parts of her off. Crim however can see through it due to his light resistance. As you have seen already with the manga pics this is not how it was to this extent in the manga. The joke is about the lightbeams censorship stuff but the manga doesn’t take it this far. Instead it only censors vaginas which naturally would be censored while leaving breasts alone. That allowed for the joke while also not pissing readers off. Here however they decide to go full on censor everything.

 At least this confirms that Kanchal has the best taste in women for selecting who he wants.

They are told there are no private rooms due to the light making it impossible to see others and so everyone has to fuck out in a large open room as more people come in. This scene should had been filled with nudity but we get nothing. Also say goodbye to animation as you get none of it.


This is the only part of the whole thing that is animated and pisses me off it is also zoomed in. Are we supposed to see the full thing on BD? Considering you can sort of see the outline of the light stars that makes it seem like you were supposed to see it but at the same time if they knew it would be zoomed in why bother adding that? Makes me worried that on the chance we get lucky and this is shown on BD it will instead still be censored with the light. Considering what this scene probably is and the fact that she has a milf type body this enrages me almost as much as the glasses girl not getting something animated or worse if it had been her in this situation instead. Seriously was this scene supposed to be girl on top animated with that milf type of body that the receptionist has and you don’t show it? That is grounds for execution of everyone who made this decision.

Fucking a glasses girl from behind is one of the most pointless things I ever see in hentai or anything for that matter. The whole point of a glasses girl is that she has glasses so fucking her in a position in which you can’t see the glasses defeats the entire point.

The entire thing is just static images being panned. We already this same laziness for a large part of the fake Meidris scenes earlier as well. When it gets to this point there is no reason to watch the show over the manga. The point of anime is being animated otherwise you might as well be reading the manga. And reading the manga is the better option anyway in this case as that actually has nudity during this part.

Everyone gives their review while complaining about the light which makes me more worried at the chance of this being not changed on BD to be like the manga. Meanwhile the heartless remain in the tavern as the episode ends. We then get a new ED which I assume and hope is just a one time thing as it fits with the theme of this episode since it is terrible compared to the old one. No nudity during the ED at all and not even animation as it is just one long static montage of static images. So here is the ED which is just the ending credits of super mario rpg but with monster girls instead.

 The lack of dark under the eyes ruins it.

After the credits we get another scene with professor oak and with that the episode ends.



WebM Album.



We are only halfway done the show and already things are getting lazy. The second half of the episode being so terrible compared to the manga doesn’t help but the large amount of static images is a dangerous warning. The show has already been like that before but not to this extent. If this was any other show you could chalk it up to being censorship but here that isn’t applicable since if the static images were censorship then it would had been that way for everything and not have some not and others are. And remember we are only halfway done so if they are already taking this lazy approach now who knows what the rest will be like.

The first half of the episode was the only decent part but even that is debatable if you take something into consideration. Annoyed me in the manga and still annoys me here. What is the point of doing a doll fetish gimmick if you are not even going to utilize it. Not only is the service all dedicated to Meidri rather than someone new but they conveniently forget it is supposed to be a doll and just show her normally without doll joints or anything. In other words all the Meidri stuff should had just been imagination scenes the characters have at some random time instead of wasting this chapter’s entire gimmick on them. Seriously you tease a doll fetish and then don’t even deliver on it and instead just give what amounts to an imagination scene with an actual other character instead. It’s like going to a pizza place and ordering a hamburger instead why even bother in the first place then. But at least we got nudity here so it wasn’t a total loss despite going against the entire point of the doll girls.

Then of course there is the second half. I know people will try and defend it while screaming “It’s a joke that is why it did that”. For starters the joke was not taken to that length in the source material. We still saw nudity despite that joke. Hell you could had just used the excuse the audience was seeing what Crim saw to justify seeing it. Secondly self aware retardation is still retardation. Denying people something as part of a “joke” knowing it will piss them off isn’t funny it’s stupid. But that “humor” doesn’t even apply in this case due to the fact that the manga didn’t even do it like that so it’s no longer a joke but annoyance. So anyone defending this would be defending additional censorship compared to the manga all because it makes it “funnier” which I doubt a single person watching an ecchi thinks is funny. Then there is the lack of animation this episode suffers from extensively during the most important parts. Even if someone tries to pretend this episode didn’t have additional censorship compared to the manga it doesn’t explain all the static images. The show has gotten to the point now where the majority of service are simply pictures of the girls panning for a few seconds. I made more stitches this episode and less webms than any of the previous episodes as a result.

They will need to fix a lot on BD to correct this episode but even then we can’t even be confident in BDs anymore after last year. When I covered nobunaga last year I assumed the censorship present in the atx version would be removed on BD since if they were going to keep it censored like the manga then why would they not draw it like the manga instead where there would be no trickery in making people think that. Yet sure enough the BDs were still censored despite the scenes being drawn differently from the manga to mislead you into thinking otherwise. Then of course there was valxlove which wizard covered and he figured there would be redraws in the BD to restore nudity and yet nothing absolutely nothing. So at this point BD logic can’t even apply as we have been tricked plenty of times in the past already so even if it looks like it will be changed until you actually see it you can’t trust anything. Who knows maybe they will fix this episode on BD but I’m not getting my hopes up as we have been fooled enough already. If it does great but I’m not falling for getting hopes up again. The real worry from all of this is the possibility additional censorship not in the manga could show up from here on out now. Regardless of the “joke” of the episode it doesn’t change the fact that they increased the censorship. What certainty do we have they won’t do this again and this wasn’t just a “hehe it’s an even funnier joke if we deny anime watchers even more than the manga” shit joke.

Next episode is going to be the egg laying chapter so depending on what they do or if they add original content there won’t be nudity during that part unless it is added in. So we won’t really get to test things then. However the title also says something about the succubus popularity poll which means the popularity poll chapter will be next week as well it seems. That part of the episode could deliver some nice things if they don’t ruin it and take advantage of adding new content. Considering the length and stuff to cover in the egg laying chapter it will be hard to tell if they will keep it the same format of half and half though. That poll chapter was a volume bonus and was shorter than regular chapters so the succubus popularity poll chapter segment could end up being much shorter than other segments in worse case but hopefully not. Assuming they keep the results the same from the manga Aloe is the winner so we could get new service of her next episode if they expand on the content for it. I also assume the ED will go back to normal next episode as well which would be nice if they use this to justify changing the girls in it when it comes back.

People are constantly triggered by me not liking the show. I don’t hide the fact that I actually regret picking this up to cover but if I didn’t do it no one else would had. With that said if the show starts getting worse and worse like this episode you are going to see me laughing constantly. This seriously is one of the most overrated tings I have ever saw and people will defend it’s stupid shit to the end.