Kiss x Sis OVA Episode 7 Fanservice Review

Something Something Open Up

80% of this episode shows a thirsty loli trying to seduce an older boy into having sex with her. If you happen to be repulsed by loli service then you may want to close the tab after the following sexy beach scene.

I will file this stitch into my documentation for why Riko is the sexier, superior sister.

Sunscreen gel handjobs through beach shorts by a twin sister is yet another fetish awakened by KxS fanservice. Continues to be creative in how the service scenes are delivered and covers basically every intimacy kink outside of nudity.

In a single frame you can see both sisters uncovered titties. KxS is of course non-nude so there being no nipples isn’t a surprise. But normally the titties are covered for the sake of leaving it up to imagination.

This entire scene was a “what if” imagination by the  suminoe siblings on a boring rainy day. The twins try their best to simulate a beach experience at home anyway.

This concludes the non-loli portion of the episode.

The next day after school, Keita finds Mikazuki walking in the rain and offers to share an umbrella. She wonders aloud how great it would be if a random truck splashed water on them, forcing Keita to change in her home.

Mikazuki is not shy about her intentions. At all.

A panicked Keita accidentally spills tea on Mikazuki’s skirt. This only makes her thirstier.

You may have noticed that there are stuffed bears in the background in almost all of these shots. Not a subtle reference.

Mikazuki is hesitant to strip after realizing her panties look childish. Keita takes advantage of this brief vulnerability to tease her back.

*Audible Sirens*

Mikazuki’s older sister arrives home earlier than expected. Keita needs to hide somewhere quick. Mikazuki has an idea.

Mikazuki takes advantage of the situation by using Keita as a crotch warmer/vibrator. She blackmails him to keep his hand there or else she’ll reveal he’s hiding under the covers. Keita probably didn’t need to be blackmailed.

Mikazuki manages to make her older sister leave in embarrassment by bringing up her secret obsession with Keita – this will be expanded upon in the next episode. She resumes the plan to seduce him by any means necessary.

One of my favorite gifs in ecchi anime. Love the use of camera rotation to slowly reveal a full character design like this. If you showed someone this gif with no context, they probably wouldn’t know this is a loli until the final frames. You’d also think she has the best ass in the show.

Just as Keita is about to lick it and see for himself, Yuzuki-sensei follows her instincts and returns back to the room. KxS avoids the sex scene once again.

The common sense of locking bedroom doors seems to escape ecchi characters. Reminds of when Sora and Haru were walked in on mid doggy style climax in Yosuga no Sora.

Keita returns home to his sisters continuing to bring their beach fantasy into reality. His life is to be surrounded by horny girls 24/7.

While they fight over his attention, Mikazuki contemplates her failed mission to bang her senpai. Then resolves to get him next time.

I don’t keep an active file on loli personality traits. But it seems rare for them to be sexually aggressive and entirely self aware about being jail-bait. For the most part, Mikazuki has Keita wrapped around her finger. Only on a few occasions does he actually seize control from her. She is very similar to Kokonoe of Kodomo No Jikan in personality, though there is a big difference in tone between the anime they belong to.

Not sure how controversial this episode is among viewers. Loli service under a light, comedic tone should be easier to digest than when it’s taken seriously. At least from my perspective. The scene comes across as more comedic than sensual given the constant presence of stuffed bears, Mikazuki making a FBI joke, Mikazuki making charts and diagrams explaining how she wants to extract milk from a dude, etc.

The next episode focuses on her older sister.  Yuzuki is my least favorite member of the harem. But she is really great in episode eight, worth a look.

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