Prism Ark DVD TV EP 12 (END) Fanservice Review

Medieval fantasy girls with modern skirts and panties and old-fashioned bodies under those clothes need some naked romance too…


Prism Ark is a Fall 2007 anime TV series.  That makes it 12 years old.  And it was only released on DVD.

Plot summary from AniDB:

The Sablum Empire has been attempting to take over the Kingdom of Windland for many years, and are now plotting with the mercenaries Sister Hell and Darkness Knight to start a new offensive using powerful beings called Angels. Hyaweh, a carefree yet talented swordsman, and Priecia, who just might be the lost princess of Windland, are enrolled at the Knight’s Academy in Windland to hone their skills in swords and sorcery. There they meet many friends and allies who can help them protect their homeland from the impending invasion.


Source: ANN

Tags from AniDB and MAL:

action, adventure, comedy, drama, ecchi, erotic game, fantasy, game, magic, pantsu, romance, school life, seinen, visual novel


Episode 12

Title and summary from Wikipedia:

“The Ark of Knights”


Hyaweh and Priecia face off in the graduation duel to determine the student representative. Priecia wins and decides to confess everything to Hyaweh during the graduation ball. Priecia reveals that she is the container for the true princess, and Hyaweh decides to become her knight. When angels attack the castle, Hyaweh and Priecia unleash the true power of the Ala-Gladius and become a giant glowing angel that defeats the army.

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The main couple makes ups and kisses.  Again!   In an anime.  Who would have thunk…

Not a bad way to wrap things up for Prism Ark.  Could do a lot worse than nudity with nipples and romance in the last episode.  Too bad it wasn’t both at the same time…

It’s a shame that this anime was so rushed.  More episodes like this one and episode 10 would have gone a long way in making it a better and more memorable show for both ecchi fans and anime fans.  By being 12 episodes instead of 24, not only is the plot choppy to be kind, so is the PLOT.  The PLOT wound up being better than the plot but more would have been better.  Prism Ark is an oldie anime that’s worth checking out for the PLOT if you are an ecchi fan.  Just don’t expect the plot to make a lot of sense…

And that’s a wrap for the Prism Ark TV series.  I do plan on reviewing the DVD specials after working on other anime reviews for a while.  There are nipples in the specials too.  Unfortunately, they used chibi character designs for a lot of the specials.  Such a shame too…

Prism Ark is an older anime and SD to boot.  It does deliver on fanservice but it’s also inconsistent.  Sometimes there are pantsu, nipple bumps and even nipples.  Sometimes there aren’t.  Even if the situation seems similar to ones that did deliver.  Having said that, there are a few episodes with nice payoffs for nudity and almost all episodes have some fanservice even if just gainaxing and/or panty shots.

The biggest problem with Prism Ark is structural more than anything else.  More of a hodgepodge than something coherent.  Too crammed.  Too rushed.  Prism Ark really should have been 24 episodes instead of 12.  It’s almost like their budget got cut in half at the last minute.  Such a shame.  Since when it’s good, it’s watchable but when it’s bad, it’s rather cringy.

So watch Prism Ark for the PLOT and not the plot.  Enjoy it for what it is and wait for the fanservice payoffs spread throughout the series.


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