Overflow fanservice review episode 6


Classroom confessions.



We not only get a Kotone episode again but we also go back to larger amounts of extra time with the r18 version with this one being 2 minutes and 20 seconds of extra content. Also looking at what the next episode might have based on the pv image leads to an idea on how they might be planning on ending this to get people to read the source to see more.


That mother should had been doing lewd things to the kid. A shame we will probably never  get a milf themed one of these.

During the sports festival Kotone sees Ayane and Kazushi talking as she realizes they stopped fighting now. The scavenger hunt event then starts with her running to get her paper telling her what to find as she grabs Kazushi to go across the finish line with her to win.

After the race she takes him into the classroom and shows him what the note said she had to find as he sees it says to find who you are interested in. Kotone then confesses to him and asks for his feelings. As he starts thinking about Ayane and what to say he gets stopped as Kotone tells him not to answer having realized that he likes Ayane. She instead says she is find with him being in love with someone else and her simply being someone second on the side for him to fuck. So she either has a female cuck fetish or she wants to be Mero from Musume. After Kazushi hears this they begin to do stuff and if you are watching the standard version you get the following image instead..

Meanwhile the r18 version continues on with the following.

That is twice now in the same room he has finished outside. The school janitor is going to be pissed when they clean that room.

They finish up in the classroom while also staying hidden from anyone seeing them in there. Meanwhile Ayane is left waiting outside for them so they can go home as she doesn’t know where they are as the episode ends.



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Being a Kotone episode makes this another good episode however the fact that this episode kind of paints her as being second place instead of winning makes the story be another cliched the tsundere wins type. Mind you the manga is still ongoing so technically no one has won yet but depending on where the anime decides to stop it can create it’s own illusion on who wins. Choosing to keep the stuff about Kotone being second place makes me think they really do plan on portraying it as Ayane the winner with Kotone on the side as the conclusion but who knows they might throw a surprise with these final two episodes. Speaking of which the pv and title of the next episode might have answered how they plan on hooking people to read the manga now.

The pv image for the next episode shows Ayane in a naked apron and the title “Under an apron temptation”. I don’t remember there being a dedicated naked apron chapter in the manga for her but I do remember there being a short scene with Ayane in a naked apron as part of another chapter and the significance of that chapter might answer who is going to show up in the end. If we skip ahead a few chapters from where this episode is we get to a chapter where both Kotone and Ayane are getting fucked on different days and the girl living in the apartment next to them hears and listens in. During this chapter Ayane is wearing a naked apron during her scene while the neighbor is listening in. So does this mean they are planning on using that chapter and introducing the 3rd girl next episode and then maybe have the final episode show more of her to serve as the hook to read the manga?

Keep in mind in the manga the apron Ayane is wearing is pink while the one showed in the pv image is white. This might seem minor but it could end up meaning they are doing a semi original episode instead. There could also be a chapter not uploaded as well that this next episode is being based on which could also explain not finding a one to one in the source material. It’s also possible they will be using that chapter but will just cut the neighbor hearing anything out and just avoid that whole plot point but hard to say. Regardless next week seems to be another Ayane episode and depending on what chapter they are using assuming they are not doing their own thing we might get the third girl introduced soon which would make for a decent way to end things seeing as how joshi ochi did a similar thing bringing the 3rd girl in near the end.

If by chance they do go the anime original route they better give Kotone the final episode for scenes. Also if they are doing anime original content that means they don’t have to limit themselves to the positions given in the manga so they better give ones we didn’t get. I swear I’ll go on another autistic rant if they waste original opportunities to give shitty doggystyle which they have already given for both girls already. Hentai that reuses positions when there are others they still haven’t done and could do makes me rage hard.