Ishuzoku Reviewers fanservice review episode 5


Eyes on me.


This episode covers the cyclops girls and mushroom girls brothels. Sadly it seems they spend more focus on the mushroom girls rather than the cyclops ones whom are far more appealing. So most of the major service this episode is during the second half with the shrooms.


Meidri is approached by someone that asks her to give a letter to the others. They open the letter and see that they are requested to review a cyclops brothel and gave been given payment for the place and some extra as well. They agree to do it and leave as Crim decides to go along with them as well.

They arrive at a brothel while Crim and Kanchel get distracted by the cowgirls till they are dragged back. After being told about sizes they can select, Kancel picks the biggest only to learn it means eye size as he leaves with the girl he accidentally selected.

They each select a different girl as Stunk and Zel select the smallest girl so they can get someone with a normal eye size.

All the more reason to harvest the eyes for profit. Slaughter everyone in the building and pluck out the eyes which due to their reflection and magical abilities could be crafted into magic reflection equipment bringing in top gold. Burn the rest of the bodies into ashes and offer them up to goddess Ilias as dedication to her cause.

They each give their review as the person that paid them looks at it and leaves. She then reveals herself to be a cyclopes that fell in love with a human and was worried she would be rejected but after seeing that non cyclopes races don’t care about eye size like other cyclopes do she has nothing to worry about as she runs off.

I want to know the economy of this world. 500 gold for all food options makes me think that is the equivalent of 5 dollars. How much gold does the average monster drop? If you kill a monster girl will they drop more? Actually they probably will since they are prostitutes so they could still have the gold on them. Don’t xp and gold grind on petty slimes kill monster girls instead to rake in the money and pledge your loyalty to goddess Ilias in the process.

Zel wants to eat mushrooms but there are only a few mushroom items on the menu none of which he wants. So he tells everyone to come with him to the forest to find some. Stunk refuses and Crim asks if he is going to any brothels when there as well. This gives Zel and Stunk an idea and decide they will go to one while going there which convinces Stunk to go along.

 I would steal that sign. You could certainly find someone willing to pay a large amount of gold to fuck that sign.

On their way through the forest they have a fairy come along with them so they don’t get lost. They also offer to pay for him as well and just want him to write a review to go along with it as well. They reach the brothel and the receptionist they note reminds them of Aloe. She tells them of how much experience she has and that she can predict the best choice in girls for each of them.

Just look at that profit. Imagine the high someone could get doing mushroom girls instead of normal shrooms. Chop their bodies into pieces and become the most unique drug dealer in the city. No one else would have all natural mushroom girl to smoke,snort,or inject however you prefer. Mushrooms also have plenty of magic uses so the blood would be very valuable to chemists and witches. Sell it to witches for gold or use it as gift to seduce one and get witch pussy in the process. So many possibilities and all you need to do is cleanse the forest of mushrooms leaving it tainted in blood. You will be cleaning the forest of poison and doing the goddess’s will a win win situation.


After picking the best choice for the others she is left with Crim only to be confused on what to recommend him due to all his different variables. Eventually she decides on someone and sends them off hoping for the best.

Afterwards they all tell each other their reviews while eating. Later the receptionist asks the girl she selected if everything was all right and finds out she did make the correct choice in the end.

We then get an after credits scene with all the mushroom girls being taught how to suck a dick as the episode ends.



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One thing I have noticed is the second half of the episodes seems to be more service filled than the first so far. Hard to tell if this is just a coincidence or if it’s being done on purpose but the second halves seems to have had more time spent on the review section and more service overall than the first. Kind of a shame they do that instead of giving both parts equal treatment. Especially in the case of this week as I much prefer the cyclopes girls over the mushroom ones and it feels like they just sped through the cyclopes girls reviews as quick as they could while taking their time on the mushrooms.

When I watched this subbed the only version out at the time was the censored version and though I already knew what the uncensored scenes were having looked at the raw first it did make an issue I keep having with their reviews in the show more noticeable. In the censored version a black screen appears during some parts and all you have to go on are the words being said and I noticed something. The scenes are actually far more lewd in your head of what you think is going on rather than what is actually happening. I already knew what the scenes were but if I didn’t and had saw the dialogue and nothing else it makes it seem like the girls are getting fucked during these scenes when they aren’t. Almost makes me wonder if that was why they cancelled it on tokyo mx since the censored version is a joke when it comes to visuals but the dialogue and imagination actually makes it seem more explicit than it really is.

And this is where my issues continue to be with the reviews they are foreplay at best and nothing else when it comes to doing things to the girls. We still don’t get to see them fucking any of the monster girls only touching them or other things. During Crim’s scene with the mushroom it mentions sex but he isn’t actually fucking her during it as you can not only see her legs in one scene and nothing going on but during the scene when it pulls away you see Crim is still there wearing his clothes while touching her. In other words it feels like the reviews are disjointed from the actual visuals as if they just are overlaying a review on top of whatever it is they want to show. The lack of sex is going to constantly bug me in these simply because the ED shows sex acts yet the show seems to refuse to show the girls getting fucked. One of the changes here compared to the manga for example was Crim’s cyclopes review. In the manga he talks about how he didn’t like seeing himself reflected in the eye and thus having to look at himself when having sex. I figured this would had been utilized here but instead they changed his review to the eye licking stuff.

It’s almost as if they are dodging visual sex for fetish content instead. The only fucking we have actually got so far is Crim getting it from the hyena girl but never have we seen the main characters doing it with any monster girl. Will this change later on or not? We are only about halfway done so it’s possible but who knows just have to keep hoping. Even in this case we just get symbolism of playing with their dick but that’s it. Would be a hilarious twist if in reality everyone was a virgin because they actually refuse to have sex with the prostitutes and just do other things and were full of shit when they write about sex. Next week is the golem and light brothels so expect Meidri service due to what happens at the golem one and probably plenty of light beam censorship jokes from the light brothel I assume.

How many people are going to bitch at me in the comments this week? Are we getting invaded by humorless new people that fail to see that I make all my posts all few hundred of them comical? Actually I’m sure someone will bitch about my killing stuff in here despite the fact that anyone that watches a show about monster girls should had played monster girl quest before and understood the Ilias jokes. Then again this show seems to make special snowflakes come out in doves to pout and cry while anyone else with intelligence knows not to take my posts seriously.