Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Fanservice Review Episode 5-6

Love is in the air, but my dick certainly isn’t.

I don’t mean to take a negative tone with that hook sentence. The service in episode 5 was pretty decent, all things considered (well, within the bounds of non-nude shows. But that’s nothing new for this show), but episode 6 was pretty empty, so the service in this article feels a cut below satisfactory in terms of quantity. Glad Yuuko continues to be seductive, at least. Not a character type I often get to enjoy without them later betraying the protagonists, revealing themselves to be a hardcore bitch, getting killed later on, etc. Femme fatales are pretty great. Oh, also, the mangaka for this series is also a hentai artist, which explains how he manages to portray his females so seductively or have his characters provide sex appeal through different means. A win in my book too, because I can just go check his more extreme work instead of hoping that he’ll break the nipple barrier in his new manga, or finally make the MC get laid (fuck, I would pay good money for him to get with the elder dark elf, she deserves more screentime and service in the series IMO).

If you want a synopsis, MC and co.’s school holds a festival, so MC ‘s and co. decide to do a haunted house (I mean, what else are they gonna do, but honestly, what I don’t get is how they made one when their clubroom is so small). The flat relative of ghost girl gets dragged into being a maid for some cafe in the festival, and suffers from her usual jealousy streaks because of the MC’s attraction towards ghost girl, and how ghost girl has larger proportions than her. Next episode, some girl appears that has the same name as our ghost girl, and she does some manipulative shit with some of the students (on top of just being a bitch), which later backfires on her and she almost gets killed or whatever might have happened to her at that point in time, at least until MC and ghost girl come to the rescue. I wanted to go over some differences on the anime compared to the manga, but will cover that at the end. The manipulative bitch has a nice rack, but it doesn’t help with the lack of fanservice in the overall episode. Though a background character manages to provide a subtle panty shot when she falls while running.

The majority of the fanservice is in episode 5 (bless Yuuko for being a bombshell; her relative does show her cute side too, which is nice, but she hasn’t provided much substantial service in the anime thus far, sadly, unlike in the manga, where her panties show occasionally given how short her skirt is). Though honestly, ghost girl’s relative at least showed a decent amount of skin in her outfit (relative to the amount of media in the episode). Episode 6 was pretty lackluster. It does give some service of the manipulative bitch, and a background character in one scene. But it isn’t really a significant amount, hence why I compiled it with episode 5 instead of giving it a standalone article. Nevertheless, hope you enjoy.



Episode 5

Was initially not going include this cap because of the lack of fanservice, but it was hard to pass up simply because of how cute ghost girl’s relative looks in it.


Episode 5 Stitches


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Episode 6

As small and unimportant as this scene may be, I think it was a nice thing to catch in the episode, along with the following scene. It’s a shame that the lighting makes it hard to see either scene clearly.

Since this scene and the previous one were hard to see clearly, I decided to make webms of them in the Rejected webms album. I did try two different attempts with this scene up above. The rendered video came out blurrier than the individual caps of the scenes, sadly. I tried to individually create caps of said scene and make them into a video using the Photos program on Windows (I misattributed it to Runtime Broker in the webm’s name at the time that I made it). However, for some reason, the video still came out with more noise in it that the came like the Sony Vegas Pro version did, so sadly that got nowhere. Yeah, making decent looking webms of scenes with shitty lighting like this may not prove possible, so they will more than likely find a place in the Rejected Webms album in future episodes.

Episode 6 Stitches

Since this episode was lacking in overall media, I decided to make two versions of this stitch because of the difference in expressions. Hope the next episode picks up. As relieving as the idea of having less work to do because of less fanservice sounds, it makes things boring at the same time. Big tiddy ghost always comes to the rescue in the fanservice department, thankfully.


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Hopefully the service picks back up in later episodes. Have a feeling it might take the same approach Armed Girls did and cut back on the service a bit for the sake of story. We’ll just have to wait (or you could watch the anime) and see, I guess. The anime seems to have excluded quite a bit of content it seems. For one, in the manga, the nurse accompanies the main cast on the summer school trip from the last episode, yet she’s entirely absent in the anime. Heck, before that, she had her own chapter and was occasionally present in other moments in the manga that were adapted into the anime (of course, without her). No idea if the anime adds her later on, or if it plans to exclude her, but it is a shame nevertheless. Guess they wanted to focus on a smaller cast.

On that note, the manipulative bitch also got a chapter that builds her up, but it seems the anime just brings her in out on nowhere (her first appearance in the anime is actually her return to the series in the manga a couple chapters after her initial appearance in the manga), develops her, and then seemingly casts her aside once the episode ends. Guessing the anime is trimming out content that isn’t pivotal to the main plot. Though it seems like it also casts out some important moments, like ghost girl’s confrontation with her other side. No idea if the anime plans to bring this in later, but prior to the festival in the manga, the ghost girl kisses the MC during the chapter of her aforementioned confrontation with her other side. Would be a shame to not bring that in at some point.

I do like how the mangaka upped the service in his more recent work

I’ll include a fanservice compilation of the manga at in my last anime review of this series when I finally get to that point (definitely not anytime soon, though), but if the comp gets big enough, I may just make it a standalone comp article. May scavenge for official omake of the series to include in my last anime article of this series as well. Shouldn’t be as numerous or tedious to gather as it was for Armed Girls hopefully.

With the main part of this article done, I’m gonna move over to the more mundane stuff (wish there was a “read more” button to hide all this text under to make scrolling through this article easier on the readers).


As a reminder, the rejected webms are separated from the regular webms and put into their own album for different reasons. Sometimes, it’s because the webms don’t have service as substantial as the rest of the service of the episode. Other times, it’s because the webm required me to alter the contrast, brightness, saturation, etc. of the clip before making it into a webm, since this show’s tendency to use dark colors or dim lighting in some of the scenes makes them really hard to see clearly. And in my attempt to make them more visible, some significant noise appears in the webm, or the webm itself remains somewhat harder to see easily. There can be other reasons too, but those are they main two, while the rest fall under my bias with making media (not that said bias doesn’t affect the other two reasons).
Honestly, I do like experimenting with the lighting in scenes that are particularly hard to see, since it lets me practice image editing or working the features in my video player (Potplayer), but this show can get particularly annoying with how I end up having to do so every few episodes. Personally, I don’t mind doing it, especially since this show isn’t currently airing, so the review don’t need to be released asap. If this was a newer show though, I would probably only work on extra stuff like this after the main review was published, and then add it in afterwards at my own convenience, since the scenes with bad lighting or dark colors are usually on the short side, thus not making up a significant part of the service.

As usual, I used the JPG+PNG method for the caps and stitches, which really only matters for media collectors. If you want to know more, just ask down below in the comments or go to my last Dusk Maiden article, where I go into depth about it.

I went back and updated the episode 1-2 article’s media. Added the jpg+png method for the caps and stitches, fixed a stitch, and remade the webms with a higher bitrate in the rendering process. This whole shebang mostly only matters for the media collectors, since otherwise the article is mostly the same.

This only matters for media collectors, but I no longer use autocomplete when making any of my stitches. Autocomplete is basically¬†a feature in ICE that fills in the blanks areas with ridges that are caused when stitches don’t line up straight (which is almost always). Since I’ve been getting more hands-on with making stitches, I noticed that ICE rarely gets the autocomplete on stitches to look perfect, or at least to my standards. And since I’d rather not make a stitch that has breakage if I can help it (I’m finicky with this stuff if the show or media at hand is a terror to work with), I’ll just avoid using autocomplete for the most part. I do activate it and go through it for certain stitches still, but it seems it rarely does the job without little-to-no errors in the coloring of recreation of art (I can at least fix it in GIMP if it’s minimal honestly).

With the minutia out of the way, I can finally get out of here. ‘Till next time.

FGO has been kind of boring as of late. The Setsubun floors are a PITA to go through because of how time-consuming it is. And wasted a day typing this article instead of going through the event because a fellow writer had the nerve to say that I needed help on making the articles for this show, and I wasn’t gonna take that lying down. Though I didn’t want to work on this article until the weekday since that’s when I have more time and that’s also when Setsubun ends. No idea if I can get through the remaining 110 floors with the time left, but we’ll see. Grinding for stakes with a macro is pretty nice honestly, since it means I can work on other things in the meantime. Sucks that the Setsubun event is not macro-friendly. Haven’t gotten a new SSR since Eresh, but hoping i get Kintoki, Raikou, or Shuten at least. Any of them would be a great addition to my team. Don’t have much to really look forward to in the game though except for the lostbelts. I was slow in releasing this new article because I wanted to update the media for episode 1-2 alongside this, and also go through the manga to see if there were any differences. The former itself took some time to get ready, and then there was typing up everything in this article too, which is also time-consuming. Said writer will probably complain again sooner or later though.