Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Fanservice Review Episodes 1-2

Hope you’re not afraid of ghosts.

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It’s a bit early in the year for ghosts, but I’ve already got a surprise planned for later this year, so it’s best to get you transitioned into the fall season with some of the supernatural in the meantime. This series focuses on a ghost girl, Yuuko Kanoe, and her adventures throughout the school with our protagonist, Teichii Niiya, as they attempt to uncover the cause of Yuuko’s death. Oh, and they’re in a club with two other members. I’ll leave the rest of the details for later. Personally, I love how intimate Yuuko is with the protagonist from the get-go. It’s heartwarming to watch, not to mention it adds some spice to parts of the fanservice. Another thing I find of note is how artsy the show is at times. Anyways, enough rambling… I hope you enjoy this review as much as I did.

Episode 1:


Episode 1 Webms:

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Episode 2:

Now that’s some massive teasing. Let’s hope they don’t censor the other panty shots in this series. I went ahead and made a webm to recapture how aggravatingly funny this scene was (down below). It’s even funnier knowing that this remained censored on BD. Good thing they’re not afraid of showing plenty of skin in this series.


Episode 2 Stitches:


Episode 2 Webms:

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One of the characters that joined the club is an underclassmen to the protagonist, and develops feelings for him. By now, we can expect the majority of the fanservice to come from Yuuko (though don’t take my word for this; I’ve only watched the first three episodes so far), which I honestly don’t mind. Stay tuned for more fanservice as Teichii and Yuuko work towards discovering what Yuuko’s cause of death was. Man, choosing the featured image can be a hassle, especially when you want it to look good by changing its dimensions to an extremely slim aspect ratio and then making sure that both the front page image of it as well as the thumbnail image of it on the bottom of the home page look good.) Too many calculations. It’s personally worth it, though.¬†Also, I’m not going to be making these reviews on a weekly basis, so please don’t wait with baited breath.¬†