Joshiochi! 2-kai kara Onna no Ko ga Kudattekita fanservice review episode 6


Lewd things and confessions happen at festivals.


This episode much like the previous has over 2 minutes of extra content in the r18 version so hopefully this means that has become the normal length from now on. Also we get this r18 extra content split across two different scenes instead of just one like we normally do. I think I remember this happening only once before in a previous r18 show.


Everyone is still at the hotsprings and after they have finished eating and drinking Yuki whom is now drunk starts to force herself onto Sosuke after Sunao has fallen asleep. Yuki while drunk asks him to go into the bath with her and he agrees. At this point is when the censored screen appears for the regular version while the r18 version gets the following..

Yuki in her drunk state starts to become more assertive while they are in the bath and wants to do more which Sosuke accepts. However they don’t actually have sex and he just keeps it on the outside. After this is when both versions join back up to continue on.

Sunao ends up waking up after hearing a scream and rushes into the bath to find Yuki yelling at Sosuke since she has now snapped out of her drunken state and started to accuse him of stuff again. While trying to change the subject Sosuke asks Sunao what she had plans for them to do later. She tells them she wanted them to all go to the festival together. She then looks into the bath and sees the semen there knowing that something happened.

While at the festival Sosuke and Sunao get separated from Yuki and head off on their own. Sosuke asks her what she and Yuki were talking about in the bath yesterday which he could hear somewhat in the previous episode while he was on the male’s side of the bath. Sunao tells him about how she said things are funnier when the three of them are together but admits she was lying when she said that and doesn’t want Yuki around. She confesses to him that she loves him and that she was just ignoring the stuff he was doing with Yuki before as him being a pervert but she can’t ignore it anymore and wants him for herself only.

She then shows him that she isn’t wearing any underwear and that she is just as much of a pervert as he is. She then asks how far he went with Yuki in the bath earlier and he admits that they didn’t have sex because he doesn’t want to treat her that way. Sunao tells him how in that case she wants him to treat her that way and to use her instead. At this point the episode censors again for the standard version while the r18 one gets these scenes..

After this the two versions join back up for the last few seconds.

After they get dressed and get ready to head back Sunao tells him that he doesn’t need to worry and that she won’t force him to choose between her and Yuki implying she is fine with him doing stuff with Yuki as long as he still does stuff with her as well. And with that the episode ends.



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So this episode much like the previous had more than 2 minutes of content and this time they split it between the two girls for two different scenes in the episode. I really hope this ends up being the norm now because having 2 minutes extra content instead of the 1 we normally would get in other shows really allows for much more service overall and can even be used to give each girl their own scene as we saw with this episode. Will be interesting to see what they do once the third girl joins whenever that finally happens since she must have some kind of appearance since she has a voice actor. Also I’m starting to suspect that they might be keeping an actual sex scene with Yuki from happening till the end with most of her service possibly being other things instead in the meantime. Overall this show has long surpassed the other r18 ones in terms of service and quality and now with these past 2 episodes having over 2 minutes of extra content we can hope it keeps this up to maybe set the new standard for future r18 shows to have over 2 minutes of extra scenes.

It is a common thing in hentai it seems for people at these festivals to fuck and somehow not get noticed. You would think with so many people around at least someone would be in all areas. More importantly whenever I see these festivals in shows it always makes me wonder how do they deal with germs for the food stands. Even watching videos of these festivals in real life I always find myself wondering how can they just keep the food out in the open like that and not be worried about someone sneezing or spitting on it. I would be too afraid to order anything that was just sitting out in the open for that reason unless I see it made and handed to me on the spot.