Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san Episode 6 Fanservice Review

Pray to the Gods of Oppai

This week gets the naughty little sister trope.

Unfortunately for Miss Tanline’s prospective position in my harem she basically comes out as a less busty, beach-time variant of Ayaka. Her main draw is really just being a “sluttier”-looking version of Ayaka, but considering many of Ayaka’s fans specifically liked her because of her innocent Wifely qualities – I doubt they will be as attached to pigtails there.



alright alright maybe I was being a little quick to judge… she may have potential. I think her name is Nana.


Alright, she IS managing to win me over a little bit with her video game playing and own version of Ayaka’s ear bite.

well done Sunohara


good job by the director too, positioning scenes so that Nana looks like she is bottomless multiple times throughout.

and with the next scene we have officially made up for how crappy last week was –

Dat Gap Dat Chest Doze Hips…  I mean, Dat everything, really.

and with this, I think we have our first Sunohara nipples. Not expecting Seikon or any other top ecchi here, but this is at least the first quasi-nip to me. Ayaka on the other side continues to assert her dominance as the Golden goddess of Thiccness.


Sister Smother.  I think I can live with both without having to choose between them. FFM doujin tags incoming…

shit, so it was all a fever dream??  okay, maybe I spoke too soon on nipples.


Ah, but thankfully Aki’s Stand Shota Chariot’s second power has finally come into the light – Clairvoyance!

Aki’s dream may have cut out before he was assaulted by a rabid pair of Wincest, but at least he was tipped off about the pool adventure to come.


Nana’s episode 1 friends show up too…   I wonder if they may like shotas?


of course.


at least based “If this was hentai I’d be Egyptian”-girl comes to Aki’s rescue, preserving his chastity for the time being.

Love these perfect hip angles Sunohara has been giving us this episode, juuuuust above the bathing suits to tickle your imagination into pantless fodder.

But of course in the end they are all trash in the face of the Radiant One’s curvaceous frame and disarming smile. Let’s get a small refresh.

back to it…


See, how can she compete now? I like Nana more now than I did at the start, but like I said at the beginning, smaller tits and Chloe von Einzbern-skin aren’t doing you any favors in my collection.

though she is trying..


Of course since this is a Sisters episode, they need to have a swimming competition in the pool.

Majesty. Utilizing your assets in creative and beneficial new ways. Ayaka takes the lead right from the start, in swimming AND genetics.

unfortunately for Nana, the judges were too distracted while committing multiple felonies to pay attention to the race.


Nana takes on a Yamcha ♥ Saibamen-style pose in defeat. Was there any doubt?


That concludes this week’s episode, one that Far surpasses the snore-fest “”ecchi”” last week. With the credits rolled we get our weekly endcard.

Is it just me, or does this guy’s art style scream, “I make hentai most days”.





Until next time.

remember when BDs had good specials?