Parallel Paradise manga fanservice compilation

Only seven volumes in and this is already becoming a personal favorite.


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Parallel Paradise is the current manga being worked on by Lynn Okamoto.  He’s most famous for Elfen Lied, and his follow-up work Brynhildr in the Darkness was worth reading as well.

Whereas the previous two works kept the ecchi aspects relatively in check, Parallel Paradise goes off the deep end.  It’s basically like the plot in Brynhildr in a sense, in that both stories revolve around saving girls with a mysterious condition from turning into a puddle of goo.  The big difference being that instead of saving the girls with a manufactured pill, our hero has to save them with his cum.

The result is multiple sex scenes per volume.   Not only that, but the sex scenes are often quite graphic.  There are liquids flying everywhere and the girls almost look like they are in pain from what seems like a state of permanent orgasm.  The intensity is actually justified by the story too- since if the hero is too slow to climax it could actually doom the girls to a gooey death.

While the sex scenes themselves are more hardcore than some hentai, the story is still well enough constructed that it still feels like you are reading a real manga.  The sex scenes are as predictable as you’d expect, but there’s enough substance surrounding those scenes to make you care about what’s happening.

While this series is technically available for free on downloading sites, I went ahead and got the ebook version for this project anyway.

Why?  As said before, the sex scenes are intense and sloppy.  For artistic reasons, there’s often a hazy, messy quality to the foreground.  The artist also tends to draw nipples relatively small, from decently far away.  Combine all these factors and suddenly image quality really matters in terms of seeing what’s going on.  Unfortunately, the rips people have previously put online are of lackluster quality- to the point where it honestly dampens the eroticism.

The version I made is much higher resolution and quality.  I hope you like it as much as I did.  Thanks again to our Patrons for making a project like this possible.


Parallel Paradise (7 volumes, ongoing)