Bikini Warriors episode 19 focuses on Black Knight


Isekai batman.


Back in 2021 the Black Knight figure was released and included with it was the next ova episode 19 featuring Black Knight. However this never got uploaded. We actually had people attempting to get a hold of anyone that had bought it to rip it but all attempts failed. It was starting to look like the only chance we would ever see this episode would be if atx did another bikini warriors marathon which in previous years they had done and would run every single episode both the ovas and remakes and would add newer episodes in later reruns of these marathons with the last years ago stopping at episode 18. So in short it was now a waiting game. However something unexpected happened and that was Anime Festa the same site that sells all those r18 shorts I used to do posts on has now got the rights to sell the episodes recently and this included the missing episode 19. The episode of course would show up finally after these years now. So might as well do a post on it. Keep in mind as of doing this post there are no subs so I have no idea at all the plot of the episode other than what you can conclude based on observation with this episode being an origin story for the Black Knight character.


The whole show should just be about Mage instead.

The others encounter Necromancer and Black Knight whom then seems to tell them her isekai backstory.

Black Knight was a normal schoolgirl till she fell into a sink hole and got isekai’d and was granted her knight powers after arriving.


All of this is kind of shit. It is barely animated with only like one portion of the scene animated and the rest unmoving. Not only that it might as well have no audio because of what these scenes do. This level of stupidity just blows my fucking mind. Did you hope to hear the character making noises and moaning? Well you’re in luck she technically does but then you have the luck taken away because over top the audio of her moaning is audio of Black Knight giving a narration which is not only louder but completely drains out the audio from the scene. What is the point then? We see this happen all the time in shows. If we can’t hear it why do it then. In fact it is better not to do it and just have it silent if you are going to pull this shit because at least then you don’t have it hanging in front of our face and instead it just never existed. This bullshit is straight up giving the finger to fans and consumers. I am confident they seek out people that have never jerked off before to direct these shows. It’s the only explanation for this moronic behavior. Who the fuck thinks “I want to have talking over these lewd noises so you can’t hear them” when directing an ecchi?

Everyone falls asleep while listening to her story. Though they could had very well died since there is a good chance the series is dead following this episode.



WebM Albu…..(Shit gfycat has died in the time since I last did a post so no way to do an album anymore).



Long final thoughts time because it’s been a year since I last did a post and people obviously miss long essays. As for the episode itself I could just make this short and say “Best girl Mage was only in it for 2 seconds so 0/10” but I don’t need to since there are two major issues I had with this episode. The first is the obvious and that is how cheaply the episode is much like the past few previous episodes were as well. However the ironic thing is I can’t really bash the terrible animation as much as I would had if we saw this back when it came out because we are now seeing this for the first time here in the future and are aware of what happens to the industry in the years following this. First off this episode was made all the way in 2020 as that is when the Black Knight figure was supposed to come out and we even had preview shots of the ova then so the episode itself was completed back then. But the figure ended up delayed due to the coof since they used factories in china resulting in a 2021 release. So I am trying to judge this with a 2020 view but even then that doesn’t really salvage the cheapness of it but instead makes it a case of not even “It could be worse” but instead “It would be worse” had this been made in 2023.

Make no mistake the animation in this thing is terrible and had I did this post back in 2021 I probably would had tore it to shreds and said something foreboding such as “I can’t wait till we get something even worse than this which is all static images instead of 20 percent animated” Little would we know hell was on the way. The animation in this thing I dare say is worse than what we see from Queen Bee’s hentai. As the main service scenes in this thing are near almost static images with only like one section in the scene animated. For example you can see in one scene while she is getting licked she is fingering herself and yet her hand is static. Only the lick action is animated. This applies to all the other scenes as well. And that is to say nothing of the fact that every single one of these service scenes are panning camera scenes which is always a sign of laziness and a cheap method to pad the run time “Why draw a 10 second scene when we can draw a 2 second scene on loop and then slowly pan the camera to make it seem like 10 seconds.

Essentially the service in this is glorified gifs and not even good quality ones either as most gifs are more animated than even this was. All of this reeks of low budget and just not giving a shit and yet seeing it here in the future it is depressing to say this is better animated than shit we get today.  After worlds end harem came out and took the place as worst anime ever made with literal long playing static images it is impossible to judge something like this too harshly for it’s animation. Hell I don’t even bash Queen Bee anymore and have actually come to respect them as they put more effort into their work than so called professional anime studios do these days. We have reached a point where hentai is better animated than ecchi we get these days. By comparison despite this episode being garbage in animation the shows today are so bad it makes this look good. And of course can’t forget any lewd audio in the episode is impossible to hear due to having a second layer of narration talking loudly over it. It’s amazing how detached from the audience most the ecchi industry has been for years now.  However even with the bad animation and moronic audio choice does the content deliver? And that is where my second issue with this is.

This episode in terms of content is nothing new and completely unimpressive. Sure this is a 4 minute long show but previous episodes still managed to deliver something new and unique despite that. This one was just more of what we already have seen before with the only difference being it involved a different character. All the service in this episode mainly consists of is Black Knight getting licked by various creatures and that is it. We have already seen the other girls getting licked before by monsters and we have even seen them getting licked by other girls in the crotch and in more of a detailed and longer way at that compared to the seconds of content in this episode. But that is the thing it’s all the same shit but different character. This episode did nothing new nor push things further. It feels like the series has reached a wall on how far they are willing to go. Almost as if monsters molesting the girls and yuri licking is the most we will get in the series and now they are stuck because you can only do the same thing so many times till it gets stale and they refuse to innovate with new types of service. And that is the best way to describe this and that is stale even by 2020 standards. It also feels like the service was just a quota checkbox they needed to mark off. It didn’t feel like they wanted to do it but just put it in to say they did so they made it a few seconds. The amount of service in this episode is really just crumbs but since the episode is only 4 minutes it allows it to hide just how little it is. The service itself doesn’t even feel like something people were meant to fap to but just a comedic joke. Like I said before it seems like we don’t get any actual fans of service making this stuff these days.

I’m trying to avoid holding works after this was made against it for fairness since this was made only shortly after IR so even the impacts of that were not there but also this being before Healer or Isekei Harem for example so it wouldn’t be fair to bring those up. But like I said even if we had seen this in 2020 the same issue would remain even with ignoring future shows. This episode didn’t give us anything new really compared to previous episodes of the series which actually tried to do more and push more extreme stuff as it went on. I was really hoping at one point they would even go the futa route since they could easily make up some excuse of a poison from a mimic makes some of them grow dicks and they have to use it on the other girls.  Instead we are left with just a few seconds of service which was not too special back when it originally came out and is even more tame by today’s standards with the content we get in shows now.

We now have anime on the regular with on screen sex scenes, blowjobs, masturbation,  etc. And that makes stuff like Bikini Warriors get left behind and since we aren’t seeing them push the envelope further with the series anymore there is no way it could compete in current era when held against the likes of IR, Healer, WeH, Isekai Harem, or even Guild when it comes to the content. The refusal to adapt to changing trends is something Hobby Japan has in spades and is what I believe curses all their series as a result. But before I get to that the big question is “Will there be anything more from BW?” This could be taken two different ways. Maybe I will start with the bad news first.

So for starters let me show you something a lot of people probably haven’t realized. Since 2020 on HJ’s website when you click their “character” section which displays all their original series you see the following. And keep in mind this occurs on both the english and japanese version of the site.

And there you see it or not see it in this case. HJ has completely deleted Bikini Warriors from their site. They still sell merchandise of it on their shop site but their main site no longer links to the BW website. This is even more alarming when you consider they still link to stuff like samurai girls which has been an abandoned series for far longer than BW. This leads me to think HJ has completely dropped the BW series at this point. Remember this episode and figure were 2020 products and we are approaching 4 years now since then. The lack of anything new and this deletion is not good for the future of the series. However there is one good news thing that occured this past summer. The question is if this actually means anything worthwhile or if this is just HJ cleaning up loose threads before finally killing this off for good. The only character still in need of a figure is Necromancer whom had her figure announced and shown the same time as Black Knight back in 2019. Since then the only evidence of the figure was a prototype colorless figure shown nearly 4 years ago. Well as luck would have it at this past summer’s wonder festival they finally showed a colored complete version of the figure.

Unfortunately there was nothing said about a release or preorder information yet on the tweet which would be the main thing you really want to know for a specific reason. Will they make a new episode 20 ova for her figure next? That we do not know and once this information comes out then it will solidify if the series should be classified as dead or not. If they don’t include an ova with this figure then it will mean chances are the only reason we are seeing this figure now is because of contractual obligations or something since they already started work on it years ago and need to release it eventually. In short if they don’t put forth the effort to make an episode 20 we can just interpret them bringing this figure back after all this time as simply a way to finish the figure line off. If they do include an episode 20 then it shows some signs of life again but the catch is how do we know this too wasn’t some contractual thing. It’s plausible they already signed deals with .feel to make an ep 19 and 20 when the figures were announced 4 years ago and we are only finally seeing things completed. In short even though we see small glimmers of activity again it’s hard to say if this is activity for current year or just playing catch up with activity put in motion years ago. And then when you factor in they have fully removed BW from their website it is a perplexing ordeal. That would indicate they are done with the series and yet they are at least releasing one more figure. 

There is no way in hell this would happen as it is just wishful thinking but now that Anime Festa has the exclusive streaming rights to the show according to their tweet it makes me wish for something that has a zero chance of happening. Wouldn’t it be funny if they got the rights to turn BW into their next r18 short they sell now next. It would actually work really well as the episodes are the same length as their r18 shorts they sell and like those shorts they could sell extended versions with the porn on their site. No way this would happen but would be a golden way to continue the series on in the future. This sounds like a joke but actually going that route could actually help the series especially considering what it is now pales in comparison to other current shows we have gotten in the past few years.

I mentioned this before in previous posts and that is the ecchi landscape has changed and for the better for someone like me whom is not phased by simple bath scenes or wardrobe malfunctions. Over the past few years we have gotten shows with higher levels of sexual content which is a positive and what we need more of. None of this nude only shit that is the level of service in like 95 percent of other ecchi titles. And as expected all of these shows that have went all out have seen really high sales. Sales numbers the ecchi industry hasn’t seen in many years. IR (5000s), Healer (3000s), WeH (4000s), Isekai Harem (7000s), and Guild (3000s). It is clear that is where the money is and yet so many companies insist on making adaptions of tame shows which of course flop.

But don’t take my word for it simply look at the sales data. Recent example of Ayakashi Triangle which sold only 1899 for volume 1 and dropped to 1537 for the recent volume 2. That is a abysmal amount and even worse when compared to the other shows I mentioned with far better sales. What makes this even funnier is that AT has the advantage of having the tlrd guy which was one of the major ecchi titles of the past and yet even with that boost it can’t beat sex filled shows. Want something even better? The show earlier this year about girls wanting to fuck a dog sold 1311 which is close to what AT is at now. And factor in that was a short and shorts always sell worse than full shows. So even with that short runtime handicap and AT having the tlrd guy boost it still struggles to barely even beat out a show about women wanting dog dick. And this is a constant pattern. These shows that don’t have sexual content keep flopping while the ones that are smart enough to see the direction the consumer base is going are following it and benefiting from it. Even WeH despite being a powerpoint presentation still managed to outsell any nude only ecchi in the past few years. Seriously I cannot stress how much IR,Healer, Weh, Isekai Harem, have completely destroyed every single other ecchi title release in years that is nude service only.

The way I see it Bikini Warriors needs to go in this direction if it doesn’t want to flop like all other shows and unlike those other shows it at least had taken some baby steps towards it in the past. I highly doubt this will happen but letting Anime Festa produce a continuation of the series would almost certainly result in something better. HJ has shown themselves to be incompetent at how to handle all their series and yet we also have evidence that when others beside HJ are given control of one of their IPs it results in something better than they had made with it. This demonstrates it’s not the IPs that are the problem but HJ. Just to give you a good example the 7sins mobile game which is made in taiwan absolutely blows the 7sins anime apart. If we had the content from that in the anime it would had been God tier. Though the scenes in question are vn text instead of cg this would had been something else to see in a show. Let me give you some examples of stuff that was in the game as it shows that HJ IPs do have potential when put in the right hands and how it is possible to bring them up to the standards of the current day big titles in terms of content.

In the game there is an event where an egg monster starts to attack the people at the amusement park the game’s main story takes place in. When it hits a male with it’s tentacles it causes the guy’s dick to become massive while if it hits a woman it causes the woman to grow a dick and this happens to multiple people in the park. The solution is then discovered that they need to get the poisoned cum out of all those infected but of course the cum is infected so they need a special suit. Sandalphon makes a suit but only has one and sariel agrees to wear it and now dresses like a bondage queen. She then proceeds to go around the park and jerk off both men and women till all the cum is out of their balls. I am 100 percent serious. Here are some screens I took of various parts of the entire plot point as it happened to show others at the time. This is what you get when someone other than HJ has control of their IP.

But there are even more things like that in the game as well such as when Asmodeus runs a dance class and then just starts randomly raping the men in the class as an orgy breaks out.

And then there is even a point where Levi gets injured and is accidentally giving the wrong stuff by the zombie doctor woman causing her to run off to masturbate to take care of the side effects. While she is gone the doctor then asks lucifer to finger her as she got the idea after seeing levi have to do it when she realized her new body hadn’t been tested yet and she needs help. And lucifer does it till they get interrupted by another character.

The game is filled with stuff like this. You have characters coming and releasing body fluids constantly including both the angels and demons and a plethora of sexual content in the game in text form. Here are some random screens of various things from the game in no particular order just other random stuff I took pics of over the course of playing it but really shows how different it is compared to the anime in atmosphere and dialogue.

This is the direction Bikini Warriors needs to go if it continues on. But I don’t have confidence in HJ being able to comprehend this since after all this mobile game which contained content people want is an unrelated company whom seemed to really understand what people wanted. The game even lasted 3 years in taiwan and 2 years in japan which for a relative niche series like this is amazing.  On a side note 7sins/virtues is another probably abandoned series from HJ at this point. The last anime was virtues in 2018 and since then there are only figures for 4 of the 7 angels with the last being sariel in 2020. So we are near 4 years since anything from the series came from HJ leaving it most likely abandoned. The only life was this mobile game which was simply the rights sold to someone else to make it and to make things worse the mobile game has recently died for everyone except for the english version which will certainly be closed in a few months as well.

Overall this is a good example of the potential of the various IPs that HJ has but it requires being put in competent hands which HJ seems unable to do. Remember the BDs for 7sins even came with short manga done by hentai artists and the contents in those were better than the HJ anime as well. It really seems like HJ is completely clueless on how to do service. Hell even Queens Blade had those Vanquished Queens ovas from years ago massively toned down compared to the source material which would had been crazy if properly adapted. Giving their IPs to someone else to go all out with whom knows what they are doing seems to be the only solution but I don’t have confidence we will get anything like that.

The ecchi that sells these days are ones that go all out with sexual content even something like Guild which though it didn’t have literal sex in the show (though the manga has it in imagination) still went far past the levels of what nude only shows do and it saw decent sales also. Meanwhile the shows with actual sex such as IR, Healer, WeH, and Isekai Harem, see even higher sales than that to some majorly impressive numbers. Isekai Harem was like the 3rd highest selling anime of it’s season I believe when I checked back then no idea if it changed since. The writing is on the wall what kinds of shows sell and what direction something needs to be taken. If we do see anything from Bikini Warriors again it needs to stop with this static advancement of content and push things further if it wants to have any legs to run with the others that did so otherwise it will die like every other show that can’t read the market. And it would be a shame because like I said the potential is there. What userjoy the company that made the 7sins mobile game did shows that you can utilize these HJ IPs to get with the current times but it requires putting people that actually care about service in charge. And this series and others by HJ need to do that.

If by some chance we do get an episode 20 with the Necromancer figure I will probably do a post on that when it finally shows up probably 5 years later. So till then this is probably the last we see of Bikini warriors for now.


I might consider covering the vtuber show since it is tnk and the healer director but until we see what it gives won’t touch it. It could very well end up some tame trash putting both a director and studio to waste. Also this post was like 6500 words before after I went on a long rant about HJ. Had to remove it or people would be screaming over my long autistic rambles. Maybe I’ll post it in the discord or someplace after having removed it.