Tentacle Hole manga fanservice compilation

A compilation of a cool ecchi manga and a quick update on Chained Soldier’s nudity chances.


Regarding Tentacle Hole: as the name suggests, there are a lot of hentai visual references in this manga. The characters and story are surprisingly good. This manga definitely is an original despite the cliched hentai name. It’s worth a follow for sure.


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Chained Soldier nudity speculation update:


  • For those not familiar with the manga the anime is based on, there is a ton of S-tier level nudity and the nudity is at least somewhat tied to the powers of the action heroes, much like Dokyuu Hentai Hxeros or Shinmai Maou no Testament.  So, the anime will probably have nudity and probably have a lot of it, although there is a chance they will lay an egg like Val x Love did, hence the effort to dig deeper and find out.
  • There was a sneak peak airing of the first two episodes at Anime NYC at the end of last week. No pictures or recordings, but based on an official media report, the episodes were very high on fanservice and much lower on action, drawing a comparison to “Love Hina.” Overall that’s promising, as it shows that the creators are all in on the harem aspect and aren’t trying to turn it into something it isn’t (an overly serious action show)
  • A different, second hand report mentioned that there was some censored nudity, via steam censorship.
  • Also for what it’s worth, an anime leaks twitter account with a decent track record of accuracy (supposedly), reported with confidence in early October that there will be an “uncensored version” at some point.
  • In the next month we’ll learn if AT-X will have an uncensored broadcast or not.


So overall, nothing super definitive, but I’d consider these to be encouraging signs.  Anyway, here’s the Tentacle Hole manga compilation:



Tentacle Hole (3 volumes, ongoing)