Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan fanservice review episode 1


When you have high quality semen.


Like the nude pv promised months ago and the atx parental lock indicated, the show delivers nudity. Nudity that wasn’t in the manga at that as the source material is non nude. The episodes are only 15 minutes long so hard to tell how far we will get but there are a few hints here and there. Since the show is adding nudity hopefully they still manage to get as many characters as possible squeezed in so they can take advantage of the show’s nudity liberties.


Peter Grill has entered the tournament that occurs every 10 years which is used to determine who the strongest in the world is. After reaching the finals he wins and becomes the first human in 150 years to win the tournament.  Then we get to the OP which has some service in it as well as some other interesting hints about how much the show may cover.

The goblins appearing here is really interesting. The goblin arc isn’t until much later and the goblin girl isn’t even shown as any of the main girls on the main site. If this was a 30 minute show than I could see them reaching it but at 15 minutes they will need to do a bunch of skipping to get to the goblin arc. Hard to tell if this is foreshadowing or just a cameo easter egg added in.

 Best girl. Hopefully they add nudity to a certain scene with her later on which I assume we will reach due to the fact that the ogre guy is shown in the OP right after her. However if nudity is added to the scene they better also fix the heresy that occurs during said scene as well. *takes out gun* Put them back on.

So the OP shows the possibility of the goblin arc being in the show and also Spartacus appearing so we will reach that far as well presumably.

Peter heads off to go see his girlfriend Luvellia after winning the tournament. On his way Mimi an ogre from his guild comes after him and asks for his sperm. When he freaks over the question she tells him that ogres want to produce the strongest babies so having him as the father would create the strongest children due to him winning that tournament. So she asks him to fuck her so she can have his kids.

Her sister Lisa appears and stops her saying she wants to be the one to have Peter’s kids instead. She then explains to him that all other countries are going to be after his sperm as well and so she wants to get it first as the strongest children should be with the ogres no one else. He is able to distract them for a bit giving him a chance to escape and meet with Luvellia.

This part is different from the manga which I assume was done simply because of time constraints so they wanted to get through this faster. In the manga Peter meets with his friend at a bar first which in the anime he turns down at the start of the episode instead. At the bar is where Lisa and Mimi meet up with him and ask for sex. His friend explains the details of the tournament he won that Peter didn’t know about such as how it is ran every 10 years and has a major impact on war since the country that wins uses this to increase their influence and recruit people into their military. So countries would have interest in having the strongest children and the winner of the tournament would be best to provide that. They sort of zipped through this faster in the anime probably because of the 15 minute length. So they just had Lisa and Mimi meet him outside here and speed through it to when he goes to the church to meet Luvellia.

Peter meets with Luvellia as they talk about how since he won the tournament her father the guild master will have to approve of their relationship now so they can finally get married. Luvellia says how the only thing left will be for them to have kids as Peter asks her if she knows how children are made. She tells him you have to pray to the stork and it will bring them both a baby. This is the result of her dad being so overprotective and keeping her away from anything that she became that innocent retarded.

Later that night when Peter returns to the inn he finds Mimi hiding in his bed waiting as he kicks her out and then kicks Lisa out as well after he sees her there also.

Both of them start making noise outside his room causing others to see what is happening so he brings them in so they don’t draw anymore attention. When they get inside they tell him how they know about Luvellia and how the most he has ever done is hold hands with her but they are willing to do more. He still refuses and pushes them away.

They both decide to strip to further tempt him as he eventually gives in and fucks both of them. Sadly we don’t get to see it since the manga keeps the sex implied and it seems like they didn’t change that fact in the show. For now at least. The next morning Peter regrets giving in to it when he suddenly hears knocking at the door and Luvellia’s voice as he tries to think of what to do to about Lisa and Mimi as the episode ends. We then get the ED which has some stuff.

And with that the first episode is finished.



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It’s not often we get a show that takes a non nude source and makes it nude so stuff like this is nice to get when it happens and is something other shows should learn from. There wasn’t a huge amount of nudity in this first episode but it’s only the first episode so it had to get through some plot stuff first so hopefully the amount improves as we go on. It’s a shame this is only 15 minutes instead of a full length show as it feels like that short length has cost us some opportunities they could had taken with the liberties they already have taken with the nudity. The sex in the series is implied so you shouldn’t expect much from that but it would had been nice if they changed it to on screen instead especially since most of the staff are hentai staff. Who knows maybe we could see something like that later on but for now I’m not expecting it.

Besides the additional nudity the other changes in this episode were just plot related stuff in which they rushed through it due to the short runtime. What kind of impact this will have on other episodes is hard to say but despite cutting some stuff down in this episode they still didn’t fully cover chapter 1 from the manga. Which makes me wonder about the OP which implies the goblins will show up but at the pacing they are going with this episode and the fact that it is only 15 minutes they are going to need to cut a lot out or rearrange some things if we really will reach that. Showing Mitchy and Spartacus in the OP though implies reaching at least chapter 15 to finish their stuff up. Considering the changes we saw for chapter 1 I imagine we will see more in that area for future episodes if they hope to reach that part.

The show itself does have a somewhat cheap feel to it but it’s nothing that has severely impacted it negatively yet. The 15 minute length probably meant it wasn’t given that high of a budget either. As long as it keeps up with giving nudity each episode that should hopefully be able to offset the low budget. As for the BDs there isn’t anything of note there as they have already announced them and they seem to be the bare minimal of 4 eps each and just a booklet inside with character details and the usual drawn jacket and creditless op/ed etc. They also seem to be including both the super sage version which is the one atx airs and the normal version both on disc. Whenever a BD does that it interests me what it could mean but we have seen shows go both ways before in regards to that.

Including both versions would imply there might be a significant enough difference between them that people would want both such as in the case of Monster Musume which had both versions on disc due to there being notable redraws making the uncensored seem noticeably different at times giving an excuse for those that might want the censored for collection sake. Meanwhile on the opposite end we had that Nobunaga anime last year which did the same thing and included both versions on disc and yet the only difference in the versions was censored with floating heads vs atx version with some floating heads removed on the teacher only and all other censorship remained. So there was really no excuse to include the censored version in that case as the only difference was more floating heads compared to less in the atx version as if they included it just to cater to people that had a fetish for seeing nudity censored unnaturally. The question is what direction will this show take with it’s different versions. Will it simply be lightbeams vs no lightbeams or could we see significant differences later on? Will have to wait and see as the show goes on.

No matter how much I try to get in contact with redgifs or gfycat they ignore me just like they have done with everyone else. Fortunately this episode didn’t have any nudity that needed a webm so I was able to just use gfycat like normal as all my webms this episode are fine. Though I kept getting warnings about how they are going to review my content to make sure it is safe. Annoying as I wouldn’t have this issue if they would give me my redgifs account. Emailed again a few days ago so hopefully I get an answer back before next week. This is already holding me up doing IR bd posts since those I certainly couldn’t upload on the new gfycat. Such a pain. Wasn’t an issue for spring as I had no shows to cover but now I do.