Otona no Moeoh Vol.08 Selected Images

Redheads and nipples are a truly dangerous combination when it comes to anime-like girls…

Working backwards from Otona no Mo eoh Vol.09 [DL] yande.re pool that just happened to catch my eye.  Mainly because I’ve been a fan of Tateha’s Dog Days fanart for quite a while.  And their fanart is some of the best that I have seen showing off the Dog Days girls in their au naturel beauty including nipples!

Next up Otona no Moeoh Vol.08 which does not have anime girls but does have lots of girls baring skin including nipples.  So the actual name of this yande.re pool is 電撃 おとなの萌王 Vol.08 but earlier pools used the English name and that’s what we did for this post.  What’s interesting is that Google Translate has this translation for the Japanese name: “Dengeki Adult Moeou”.  So moe for adults?  Makes a lot of sense…

Not all images were included to help with page load times.  Only selected ones.  Mainly those with nipples and not a lot of clutter.  The more they looked like actual posters that ecchi fans would appreciate, the better.  Do check out the link to the pool above.  There are some lewd images that were not included.

The good news is there are more Otona no Moeoh pools on yande.re so there is potential for more artbook / magazine comps.  But only for the pools that have nipples.

Anyway, please enjoy selected images from Otona no Moeoh Vol.08 as found on yande.re.

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