Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan fanservice review episode 12


To be continued…..?


This episode covers the rest of chapter 15 and finishes volume 3 from the manga. We get a few instances of nudity this episode which is better than last week where we had none but compared to other episodes it’s still only a small amount but does give nudity of someone not nude in the show yet. The most important thing though is that the show leaves the lead in to the next arc from the manga and as a result gives us a season 2 hint.


The fight between Spartokos and Lisa starts while everyone watches. Peter mentions that after the training they did he should have power that surpasses even Lisa and won’t lose. He starts to notice however that Spartokos is moving slower and something is holding him back.

Spartokos ends up losing the fight as Peter realizes what the problem is. He points out that since Spartokos is a virgin and is obsessed with Lisa he is getting distracted by her breasts and can’t concentrate leading to him losing.

The others yell at Lisa for cheating by using her breasts to distract him while Peter thinks on what to do.

When Spartokos wakes up after having been knocked out he is explained what happened by Peter. He tells him that no amount of training would help him since his inexperience with women is what lead to him losing. Mitchie then comes in to visit him and Peter gets an idea and takes Spartokos on the other side of the room. He tells Spartokos that the only way he will ever get strong enough to beat Lisa is to get used to women and tells him to go on a date with Mitchie. He also tells him how easy it would be since she is attracted to men with muscles like his.

Spartokos refuses since he will only dedicate himself to Lisa and no one else. Peter tells him this dedication is his weakness and because of it he has cut off other possibilities in his life that could lead to true happiness and he needs to do it to get stronger. He also notes that whenever Mitchie brought Spartokos lunch he could tell that he was happy and has started to like her as well. Also fucking glasses girls grants you ultimate power. For I have decreed it.

Mitchie overhears the conversation and confesses to Spartokos that she likes him just as much as he likes Lisa. Peter uses this time to leave them alone and hope for the best as he notices Spartokos weakening to Mitchie’s confession.

My infinite rage. Never fuck a glasses girl without her glasses remaining on at all times. That is against one of the commandments.

The next day Peter meets with Spartokos after he spent the night with Mitchie. He points out that Spartokos is stronger now and will have no trouble beating Lisa in a rematch. Spartokos tells him that this has allowed him to rethink things about what he said yesterday about how he was cutting off other possibilities to his true happiness. After thinking on it he has realized what will really give him his true happiness. Mitchie then comes by to visit him as they leave together. When Peter asks about the rematch Spartokos tells him he no longer cares about Lisa anymore as he has Mitchie now. Once you fuck a glasses girl anything besides that will be a downgrade after all. As Spartokos and Mitchie leave Peter is left knowing he failed to get rid of Lisa now and his plan backfired.

Lisa shows up thanking Peter for what he did and said that now that Spartokos has had his mind changed he will be stronger than ever. Due to this he will be able to lead the ogre army back home and so all the issues with the morale of the ogre soldiers being low without her around will now be fixed thanks to his leadership.

Lisa then points out that Peter is no different from Spartokos. She tells him how he is only focused on Luvellia much like Spartokos was with her and this prevents him from seeing other options just like in the case of Spartokos. She asks him if being married to someone like Luvellia who is that naive and having a nasty father in law like her dad will really give Peter happiness as she points out if he were to go with her instead he would become king of the ogres due to her being the future queen. She then leaves as Peter is left to think about what she said.

As Peter thinks on the question, Luvellia runs to him telling him that the goblin attacks have started in which female goblins attack villages to take the males in the village. She says multiple villages from around the kingdom have already asked for help as they run off to leave. They changed this from the manga slightly. In the manga it is Tim who comes to warn Peter about the goblins.

As Peter and Luvellia leave he tells himself that being with Luvellia is what he really wants and will bring him happieness. As they head to the village he thinks about the time he protected her and tells her not to worry and he will do the same again on this mission. Meanwhile the others are coming along as well as they talk about how regardless of what Peter decides to do in regards to his happiness they will still get his semen. And the episode ends or at least it appears to until after the credits…

After the credits we get a next episode preview including a title for the hypothetical episode however there is no next episode as this is the final one. Instead we get a short scene showing the upcoming goblin girls from the goblin arc as well as Peter’s sister. The whole thing is played off like there is more including a next episode title but in reality this seems to be a cliffhanger in hopes that a season 2 is made. And with that the episode and for now anyway the show ends.



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We at least got some nudity to end the show on as well as nudity of a character not nude yet. The big important thing though is the ending. I assumed they would had cut that part out but instead they left it in which leads to a lot of possible speculation. They could had ended the episode at that but they even went so far as to add that after credits scene which really makes you think if they have serious plans to do a season 2. Keep in mind we have seen other shows do similar to be continued type stuff before and never get a sequel so the same could possibly apply here as well. This first season covered volumes 1 through 3 of the manga and since there is currently 6 volumes out right now they certainly have enough content that they could start work on a season 2 right away if they wanted.

The big hurdle however is sales. We don’t have complete data yet but based on what the site yaraon reported┬áthe first BD only sold 233 copies. This is only partial data as DVDs didn’t rank. However that isn’t anything optimistic to add since DVDs are almost always lower in sales compared to the BDs so any extra sales from them added to the total would be minor. So with low numbers like that we can only hope the manga saw a significant enough increase to encourage a season 2. Of course there have been shows in the past that didn’t do too well and still got a season 2 so it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility it’s just not anything that will help improve it’s chances. The show was from a new studio though and was half length and not particularly high budget so who knows maybe these numbers combined with manga sales are adequate enough for the higher ups to give the okay for more who knows.

One interesting thing to point out though is a poll they did prior to the show airing on the official twitter account. This was simply two different polls they did but there is something interesting to think about with the results.

A shame keychains ended up being number 1 but the ova option coming in second place is good news. The fact that they included that as an option in the first place means they certainly had the idea for one in their head. The other thing to point out is that a hug pillow was 3rd. This is significant because they are actually selling scratch off cards that you can buy and win prizes on with a Luvellia dakimakura being one of them. In other words if they were willing to make the third place winner in the poll a reality maybe there is hope for an ova as well. However if an ova does happen it is unlikely they could cover the whole goblin arc let alone the introduction of Peter’s sister in it without rushing it and skipping a lot. Even if it was a full length episode instead of 12 minutes the arc is too long to do it. Ideally I would love to see them make an anime original ova and go nuts with it. Especially when you consider the amount of hentai staff that worked on the show. An ova that goes extreme and takes advantage of it’s staff would be a sight to see. Perhaps make it take place inbetween season 1 and 2 with it’s event occurring as they are on their way to the village.

Overall the series approached it’s ecchi in a comedic and lighthearted way instead of filling it with drama or a serious plot that takes time away from service which is the best way to do an ecchi series in my opinion by making them fun instead of serious. In the end the show despite being only 12 minutes deserves praise as it succeeded in doing something a good number of non nude ecchi manga fail to do with their adaptions. And that is adding nudity. It is really strange why the manga is non nude considering the context but it is and this anime fixed that and as a result made the show deliver something the manga doesn’t. This is something all manga should take heed of and use to correct their lack of nudity in the source material with the anime adaptions. Really hope other upcoming shows that are based on non nude manga like Redo of Healer are seeing this and follow suit as that manga is non nude despite it’s context much like this so hopefully the anime does what Peter Grill did and gives us nudity.

As for the future who knows what this new studio will do next but since we had a hentai director doing this show and other hentai staff I really would like to see them do more ecchi shows even if it is another 12 minute one especially if they turn another non nude manga to a nude anime. Particularly would like to see them do something more extreme than Peter Grill to see if they utilize their hentai experience since even though the Peter Grill manga is great it still keeps the sex generally off screen so we didn’t get to really see that hentai staff experience be used to it’s full potential. So as to what their next work is going to be whether it be a new manga or a season 2 to Peter Grill we will just have to wait and see.

On another note the 2nd BD is out but nothing from any japanese blogs and such on any changes to see if that strange Piglette thing was fixed or not. If there were changes and it was a significant amount I may do a follow up post on it but if not this will be the last Peter Grill post for the time being. Until hopefully a season 2 gets announced as the next part of the manga covers the goblin slayer parody and that makes it worth seeing animated. Would actually be funny if season 2 of this would air doing the same season as a hypothetical season 2 of goblin slayer. For now all we can do is wait and see if they announce a season 2 or at the very least an ova for the show in the future.

Whenever I finish a show post right before a season where I have no shows to cover I almost feel sad. Sure I’m glad I get a break now to do other stuff but during these down seasons I worry I will get rusty and so need to think up other posts to do. And since I still haven’t gotten back into doing hentai schedule posts I have no idea when the next post by me will be. Time to search for manga to do comps on or get to work on that IR BD post.