Girls Bravo Episode 22 DVD Fanservice Review

Present is Bravo! The character tropes and dynamics hit their pinnacle.

If there was one episode that sums up the dynamics of most of the characters (apart from Miharu and Yukinari), this is that one. Miharu leaves Yukinari, Kirie, and even Fukuyama early from school. Whatever she is doing, she’s keeping it secret from them. . . But first! How can we forget the obligatory but not complacent bath scene. This time from a silver haired beauty.

Someone is keeping a rather close eye at Miharu this whole episode. She has made an appearance before, however she will start becoming more important this episode. Also, it turns out that Miharu is helping the Banana Man! She’s been working!

While worrying about Miharu, Yukinari and Kirie go home to realize that Fukuyama and Risa have invaded their home. It’s only a matter of time before the three horndogs go all out. Risa goes after Yukinari, Kosane goes after Kirie, and Fukuyama realizes with the two main threats out of the way, he can go straight after Koyomi. Meanwhile Miharu is shopping and buying everyone in that house a gift. . . She even goes as far as to buy Fukuyama Panties.

The only two left out of the antics are these two. However they decide to continue their battle from before, you know the one as transformers. This is why I feel why Hayate is such an underrated character. He is the only one that actually looks after Tomoka, and plays with her. Meanwhile Miharu continues shopping, but doesn’t realize she’s being followed. 


Kirie just gave up. . .

During all the craziness, Yukinari realized something. He is not breaking out into rashes every time a female touches him! Which is great news, and everyone decides to celebrate. However Miharu feels like she may not be special to Yukinari anymore, as it feels like one of the exclusive parts to their relationship isn’t there anymore.

This is such a miracle that even Kirie wants to help him celebrate. However the creepy lady has invaded the house. She takes advantage of Miharu’s moment of weakness and doubt and abducts Mihari via Hypnotization.

Stitches By Scissor 

Now that I notice it, doesn’t Hiziri’s eyes kind of remind you of the dog on the porch from Goosebumps?




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