Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan fanservice review episode 2


Hiding your dick.


This episode covers chapter 2 from the manga and does skip a small amount in order to fit it in. However this episode has way more nudity this time than the previous one. We also get the next girl appearing at the end of the episode.


Interestingly instead of lightbeams like every other censored part this one has Lisa’s fist in front of her chest instead in the censored version.

Continuing from the end of the previous episode Peter wakes up and hears Luvellia at his door. He grabs Lisa and Mimi and hides them in a closet while going to talk to Luvellia. She tells him that she plans on telling her father about their engagement to make it official when they head back to the guild headquarters today. The manga gives a short part after this where the two of them and Lisa and Mimi head there but this part is skipped and just skips right to the meeting with her father after this instead.

Luvellia tells her father about how she plans on marrying Peter which results in him wanting to kill him. She tells him how he said he was fine if the winner of the tournament married her and that if he doesn’t approve of the marriage then she will leave and never speak to him again. He eventually gives up and allows it as the guild decides to have a party to celebrate the engagement.

During the party he worries about what he did the night before as Lisa and Mimi find him to congratulate him for his marriage and will cheer for him from the sides. He hopes this means they will leave him alone from now on till they tell him they don’t care about being in a relationship with him so the marriage part is no issue for them since they only care about his semen. They offer him a deal that as long as he keeps giving them semen till they get pregnant they will keep everything a secret from Luvellia. Not wanting to wait, Mimi takes his pants off wanting to do it right in the middle of the party.

Hearing the sound of Luvellia walking down the hall he throws both of them under the table and covers himself using the table cloth since he can’t reach his pants in time and hopes she doesn’t notice.

Her father shows up afterwards and says he wants to talk with Luvellia and for Peter to move so he can sit there instead. Knowing that both Lisa and Mimi are under the table he can’t move or else they will see them under there. Plus since he has no pants on everyone would see that as well. Thinking up an excuse he refuses to give up his seat as a way to show his commitment to Luvellia and how he won’t give her up. This impresses her as she stops her father from trying to attack Peter again by threatening to never speak to him again if he doesn’t stop. He then leaves to go get drunk leaving Peter and Luvellia alone.


Lisa and Mimi start to touch him from under the table as he tries to keep them hidden. Eventually Luvellia’s father starts throwing stuff around the bar and she runs off to deal with it leaving Peter safe.

In the censored version the dancer doesn’t have nipple impressions in her top like she does here in the uncensored one.

After Luvellia has left, Lisa and Mimi come out from under the table and tempt Peter more after having gotten him aroused from touching him while they were under the table. He gives in and fucks them as it switches to the next morning with him regretting it again. Meanwhile an elf girl has arrived at the town and mentions she is planning on going after him next as the episode ends.



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More service this time around now that some plot related stuff has gotten out of the way with the first episode. The show has kept up with adding nudity where there wasn’t any in the manga which is good and hopefully remains the trend for every episode. So far the show is still covering one chapter per episode along with skipping some minor parts in order to fit in with the runtime. Next episode however looks like things could be different based on the preview. The next chapter has a lot of content to cover particularly the introduction of Vegan the elf girl and Mitchy the guild receptionist. However looking at the scenes shown during the preview we see the scene where Luvellia is attacked by tentacles which happens in chapter 4 when they go to a town to deal with a monster killing job. So the next episode will have a lot to cover if they are going to fit two chapters in there making me wonder how much might be changed or rearranged in order to fit all that in.

On the plus side the next episode should give us more nudity of the ogre sisters and the new elf girl if they follow chapter 3 correctly.  If they do include the tentacle scene from chapter 4 as well that could in theory provide a chance for Luvellia nudity also since part of her clothes do get destroyed during it. The preview also shows what seems to be an original dream sequence with Luvellia as well which was shown in one of the pvs for the show prior to it airing so it’s possible we could get nudity of her then also. So starting next week it looks like the one chapter per episode pattern might be broken with them skipping larger parts or rushing it to cover everything. As long as they don’t skip out on any nudity potential parts from the manga that shouldn’t be a problem to worry about though.

Still don’t have my redgifs account fixed yet. This is annoying as there is no way I can do the IR BD post I had planned without it and the final one is soon. I’m probably going to have to do all of them in one go. Good thing I stopped doing hentai pv posts for the time being as I wouldn’t be able to do pvs in them without it. You can see a lot of people are pissed at how gfycat handled the whole situation on their reddit. Two months later and still not fixed.