Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan fanservice review episode 7


Getting drunk with women.


This episode covers chapter 11 sort of. Some parts of 11 are here but also elements from chapter 6 and 7 which they previously skipped are put into this episode as well but with the context and scenario different. So this episode ends up being a hybrid of 11, 6, and 7 and becomes sort of an original episode in that sense. We also get nudity of pretty much everyone this episode as well.



Piglette has started working at the guild now and makes Peter food only for the others to learn about her and get pissed that she is around. The others also learn of each other’s existence as well as Lisa and Mimi start to fight with Vegan over Peter.

This is content from chapter 6 they decided to include due to skipping it. Initially the ogre sisters discover Vegan in the room with Peter the next morning after the first time he fucks her but the anime skipped that and seems to have rewritten things that everyone learns about each other here.

After Lisa and Mimi are done fighting with Vegan they notice Piglette and ask why she is here as well and they won’t let her have Peter. Piglette tells them she is fine with a harem end and has no problem sharing him as the rest are shocked at how she can be that way. Vegan then decides they will have a contest to see who can arouse Peter the most to determine who should have him. So she summons a fairy which will be able to read Peter’s arousal with a number counter.

This is more content from chapter 6 they used here though with some changes. In chapter 6 Vegan still suggests this challenge with the arousal gauge after the ogre sisters discover her and they fight but then they get interrupted by Tim telling Peter it was time for them to go home before they can carry out said competition.

Everyone starts to do things to gauge Peter’s arousal with the ogre sisters getting naked and touching each other, Vegan trying on a swimsuit, and Piglette just being in her naked apron being enough. Lisa and Mimi realize that Piglette is their only real competition as Vegan fights with everyone out of anger for having small breasts. Tim then walks in drunk and Peter asks him for help on what to do to get them all to stop fighting as he suggests having everyone drink alcohol.

This is another change that incorporates content from chapter 6 and 7 here and also changing another character’s role here with Tim instead. In chapter 6 after everyone leaves to go home a storm happens resulting in Peter and Vegan getting separated from everyone as they take shelter in an abandoned cabin they find. Eventually Lisa and Mimi find the place and enter and in the cabin is where they continue with their competition with the same scenes that happen here happening at this point in the manga though without Piglette obviously as she was not around yet. The fight about breasts still occurs but in the manga instead of Tim helping stop it the fight it is the owner of the cabin an old ogre guy who comes back home and meets them instead. He lets them stay there and then suggests sake to calm everyone down. So the setup here in the anime version is essentially the same thing but with a different character suggesting it.


Everyone gets drunk like Tim suggests and Peter starts to think he is safe until they try to get him to drink more alcohol which he realizes is their plan in order to weaken him. He refuses and says he won’t give in only for everyone to start taking their clothes off and Lisa kisses him resulting in him giving up.

This same stuff happens in the manga as well with everyone getting drunk and Peter fucking all of them though without Piglette being included yet.

The next morning Peter wakes up unable to remember anything that happened. He wakes Vegan up and asks her if he did anything as she tells him how crazy he was last night as she shows him the fairy exploded because his arousal level was so high, The other girls then start to wake up as well mentioning how much pain they were in from last night. They then decide that they need to start writing some rules so that they can share Peter as the episode ends.



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This episode gave nudity of all four main girls this time around since we have now reached the point where his harem is established instead of just specific character focused episodes. So hopefully this means they use as many chances as they can get to give everyone nudity each time now that we will have everyone gathered together. This episode was also the most different from all the others in terms of how it was adapted. The episode consisted of 3 chapters at once by taking plot points from each and combining them while also rewriting them in order to make it fit. The only thing they missed out on was the old ogre guy whom did have some slight level of importance but it was really just to spoil something to the audience in advance and set up the next arc. I assume they just plan on having the spoiler hit the audience the same time it does Peter in the anime without any of the talks leading up to it.

At the end of the drunk chapter the old ogre guy whom got them all drunk in the first place comments to himself that he recognizes who Lisa is but can’t be sure if it really is her. Later on at the end of the Piglette chapter which was adapted last week there is another scene with him that the anime skips which is a given since he was never introduced. In this scene the ogre guy from the OP is meeting with him since the old guy was a former teacher of his. During their conversation he mentions seeing Lisa and where she was headed to this other ogre guy who has been searching for her as he leaves to find her setting up the next arc. This is the only plot part they have skipped so far now that they adapted the scenarios from those chapters here instead. Not really too important since the viewers knowing this stuff before Peter isn’t too significant.

Looking at the pv for the next episode it looks to be the rest of chapter 11 and some or all of chapter 12 we will be getting next week. They didn’t cover the breeding treaty everyone agrees on here in 11 but it is mentioned at the end so that will probably be part of the focus next week before moving on to chapter 12 which is the date with Luvellia since they show her in the pv wearing her dress. The ogre guy and his spoiler about Lisa happens at the end of that chapter as well so they will either use that as a cliffhanger for the end of the next episode or they might just push it into the following episode after that instead since we are about to reach that arc. When we do reach that arc we should hopefully get nudity of Mitchy as there is an opportunity for it coming up when we get there. Only 5 episodes left and after seeing what they did with this episode by rewriting some stuff to change it around it’s hard to guess where they will end this with those remaining episodes. At first it seemed like reaching the goblin arc was likely but now it’s looking less to happen. The main stuff left is the date next and the ogre guy arc then it goes into goblins. So the question is will they be able to stretch it out enough to fill all the episodes before reaching it.

Since we are now past the halfway point I decided to look ahead at fall to see if there was anything worth covering. Unless I missed something next season is empty or at least for me it is. And since the next r18 show is another girl one instead of guy one like the pattern normally should had indicated that means I have nothing. Unless my theory about them trying to fit two r18 shows a season is right since they are starting early in september which would in theory give a chance for a male one in november hopefully.