Monster Musume no Oishasan TV Episode 4 Fanservice Review

More monster girl shenanigans

The entire ensemble up until now come together to storm a slave trader compound. Lamia-girl makes her first move on the doctor.

You may recall the last episode ending with Lamia-girl thinking she’s pregnant. Well

they are interrupted by the aforementioned slave traders trying to attack them. Doesn’t go so well.

There’s a segment where Doctor complains that Lulala is being treated like a slave, having to steer the boat for them. She then responds that this is what she wants to do, being a helping hand makes her happy. Adorable.

There’s another scene where she and Fraken-girl tagteam an unlucky slave trader.  Debated about including or not since no fanservice, but I’m talking myself into it. Here.

Inside the hideout, Doctor-boy finds an enslaved Harpy in the middle of birth. Time to operate.

This scene is kinda sensual. But childbirth eroticism is absolutely not my kink, but I don’t kink shame.

After a successful mission Lamia-chan mounts the Doctor. His response is atypical.

Of course, Lamia-chan passes out before she can do anything. I expect this to be the extent of their skin to skin contact.

By now you probably know how this show is gonna play out. No real surprises and what you see is what you get. More emphasis on cute designs than raw sex appeal, not a ton of gif worthy moments but there is at least one erotically charged scene each episode. Outside of service, this episode did paint the monster girls in a more sympathetic light. There is a market for monster girl trafficking and they are targeted by humans who see them as a means of profit in the black market. Good to see the doctor and his building harem save the day.

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