Warikitta Kankei Desukara Manga Fanservice Compilation

Categories – NTR, Yuri, Teacher, Did I mention Yuri?

A newish ongoing melodrama about a  toxic teacher-student relationship that has somehow escaped being reported to the authorities.  Sensei uses the student as a replacement for her ex-lover who she shouts the name of during sex. Yeah.

This manga has lots of  sex and nudity, short of genitalia. Artwork is great. All the girls are hot. Several of them are a manipulative bitches. What else can a guy ask for.


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the characters involved are such miserable, self destructive people that it’s hard to recommend this beyond spank bank material. That is unless you enjoy reading melodramas filled with angst. The immediate comparison is Kuzu no Honkai, but there’s much more emphasis here on the erotica than theme or character development.

Speaking of erotica, the girls have incredible bodies that somewhat resemble the female anatomy. Not that there’s anything wrong with 90lb shortstacks with size L titties mactruck hips, but its a nice change of pace to in a genre full of exaggeration and fantastical depiction.