Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan fanservice review episode 8


Going on a date with fucking interuptions.


This episode covers the rest of chapter 11 and about half of chapter 12 from the manga. Along with it we also get nudity of all 4 main girls again as well. Overall though it’s only a small amount of nudity this episode compared to before as it was more focused on the comedy aspect this time.



Peter looks at the dead fairy from the previous episode where it exploded due to how high his arousal level went. The girls then all decide they need to come up with a treaty so they can share Peter on certain days. Piglette notices that it is unfair since the ogres get two days due to there being two of them as they realize Piglette is smarter and more of a threat to them than they thought. Eventually they come to a decision and Peter has to attend to each one on their selected day with the 7th day being a rest day for him.

Peter’s rest day arrives and he tells Tim that he has made plans to go on a date with Luvellia after not having the chance for so long. He goes to meet with her as they go around town doing things as Peter thinks how peaceful things are now that he doesn’t have to deal with the others.


Aftr they finish shopping they head to a restaurant that others in the guild have talked about they wanted to try. While there Luvellia sees the scar on Peter’s hand which she was the cause for in the past and talks about it some and how Peter used to not like her.


Mimi shows up and starts to interrupt their date. When Peter yells at her reminding her it’s his rest day she says that is the reason why she showed up so she can get a head start the others don’t have on his sperm. He drags her away to deal with her while telling Luvellia she is just someone he gives training to from the guild. When they get in the bathroom Mimi tells him if he fucks her quick in there she will leave him alone for the night as he sees he has no choice but to do it so he can get back to Luvellia.

Luvellia contemplates committing mass genocide against the elves after learning they eat pizza with a fork.

After finishing with Mimi he hurry back to Luvellia before she gets suspicious only to see that Vegan is there now with the same idea as Mimi as he takes her into the bathroom as well.

He returns after fucking Vegan to see Lisa there now and has to repeat the process over again.

While waiting for Peter to get back Luvellia starts thinking about the past and the time Peter saved her leading to the scar on his hand and how she took care of him back then.

Afterwards they leave as Peter tells her he is sorry they kept getting interupted by others. She tells him it’s okay since it’s to be expected due to him now being the strongest person in the country making him popular. She then tells him she hopes they can one day go on a trip someplace else together alone and not as part of a mission one day. She leaves to go home before her dad starts to worry as Peter thinks about how he needs to figure out a way to handle the others and get out of the situation he is in otherwise he will never be able to have a normal relationship with Luvellia as the episode ends.



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Seems they decided to leave some of this chapter left so they can move it into next episode. There is still more to this chapter where Peter gets back home and more stuff happens with Piglette hence why she didn’t have a scene like the others did. Looking at the pv for the next episode that seems to be what they will be adapting next as well as the ogre guy’s introduction. I’m guessing much of his arc won’t be covered next episode and they will use the remaining 3 episodes after next week’s to go into that.

This episode feels like it had only minimal nudity overall but it did give content for each girl to some degree. Wish they would had given Vegan and Lisa the same treatment as Mimi though in terms of the bathroom stuff. For her we got more nudity there but for the other two they just skipped past it. Next episode should give more though and of everyone since besides being Piglette focused for the rest of the chapter we do get the other girls taking part again as well so I imagine they will keep this in to give everyone a scene next episode as well. Only 4 episodes left and at the rate they are going I’m guessing they will either end it after this next arc finishes or if they somehow finish it with something left they might give an anime original end episode. But there is certainly not enough time to do the whole goblin arc now so despite making fast progress early on making it seem possible they have now slowed down so we won’t reach it probably. Though having it be a season 2 cliffhanger could be a possibility who knows.

Side note the first BD is out but no images yet as of writing this on if anything is different. Keep in mind the version on the BD is the same version we have here from atx. The 3 versions of the show are the standard tv version, the online less censored but still censored one, and the final version which is the atx one and the same version advertised on the BD. The only possible changes I could see us getting would be minor ones based on what we have seen so far in the show and the first instance I can think of won’t be till the second BD. In particular the strange issue in episode 5 with Piglette is what I’m curious about. We saw that her clothes had nipples visible through her clothes in the next ep pv from ep4 and yet the actual episode 5 did not have that. That is the change I’m wondering if it will occur or not but we still need to wait a month for that BD with that episode to release. So I’m not expecting any japanese bloggers or pics of the first BD to really show up since there wasn’t really much if anything to be changed in the first one. Next month when the second BD releases on the 25th is when to be on the lookout for something like that.

Well my theory on a second r18 show for fall being a male one is out the window. It’s another girl one that was announced. The interesting thing about it though is that the director for okusama, hxh, and that sister ln show that had bad art is doing it. He worked on soryo way back in 2017 at the time as well and I said something about how I wished he would get the chance to do one and looks like he did. Disappointing that it ended up being one aimed at girls instead of men. I really would had liked to see him do an r18 show for men instead after seeing hxh.