Plastic Little fanservice compilation

A short but sweet fan made compilation of a 90’s ecchi classic.



password: fapservice


This one is reader submitted, and he appears to have created it on his phone?  The quality is bad but by Plastic Little standards is actually pretty good. Even the DVD rips (iso files) of this series tend to have ghosted frames and poor quality.  Those early era DVDs were terrible.

Still, I did a second version that cropped out the extra noise so you could get a true full screen from the video, though unfortunately it feels like just a little bit of quality was lost in the process, so I included both the cropped version and the original version in the download link.

Only 3 minutes long but pretty nice.  This was a series I wanted to do in the very early days of this site but just never got around to.  Satoshi Urushihara is one of the all-time masters of his medium.